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Last Activity:
Aug 31, 2017
Aug 28, 2013
Likes Received:
Mar 15, 1997 (Age: 23)
College Student

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Ded, 23, from Hoenn

Clone™ was last seen:
Aug 31, 2017
    1. Snorby
      that's a war from before DD closed. I havent added in the new war yet because lazy :$
    2. Psynergy
      They have been though some people are thinking that since the new movie (which isn't released in Japan until July) features Groudon/Kyogre/Rayquaza rather than Zygarde it might mean we're not be getting a new game until early 2016. I'm not sure I completely agree with that mentality though who knows, for now I still expect something this year.

      Makes sense, I tend to use Latias a lot so I made sure to go for that one early.

      Nice Whismur and Shuppet hordes. Yeah, at the least it'll be fun using Mega Salamence in a non-Uber format, though I've been completely lost with teambuilding until recently. It is complicated especially seeing EV spreads like 252 HP/28 Def/40 SpA/4 SpD/184 Spe as good and that 252/252 spreads are much less common.
    3. MetalSonic
    4. Conquer Phoenix
      Conquer Phoenix
      Hey Clone are suppose to battle for anti item when are you free?
    5. Psynergy
      Who knows, if they've got something in mind we'll know soon enough. Assuming we do get a Pokemon game in 2015 of course.

      Any reason for getting those first? Assuming you're more in need of them than Latios?

      Yeah I think hordes are actually even better in ORAS since there's more places that one have one horde at all. I'll be making use of them too since I'm learning VGC for a college league a friend wants me to join. I don't play doubles so I hope I don't regret this.
    6. Psynergy
      Well I'm sure people thought the same thing about BW but they found a way to continue things. Probably one of those things we just have to wait and see though.

      Yeah, I don't really get why you can't just fly back and forth from Southern Island. There's nothing there but not being able to fly there at all when you can fly to any route in the game doesn't make a lot of sense.

      Thanks, one less good thing I need to breed myself. Need to get around to at least training all of this stuff though.
    7. Psynergy
      Yeah, sequels to BW was way better than getting BW remakes so I bet XY sequels would be really good too.

      Oh no, I'm just referring to having to use the Eon Flute each reset since you can't save while soaring. Having to go and use it for every reset starts to get mildly annoying after awhile. Latios is actually not that bad but the fact that you can't fly directly from Southern Island to confirm with the IV judge is annoying.

      Alright, I'll get on shortly.
    8. Rocxidi
      specs = pwr
    9. Rocxidi
      Modest > Timid
    10. Psynergy
      Well if we get sequels instead of XY remakes (which I would actually prefer) then I could see him getting one Mega for each version. Though who knows, Game Freak is impossible to predict like that.

      Has the constant having to sit through the Eon Flute animation each time gotten to you yet? I'm glad I got a good one fast because that cutscene would drive me insane after awhile. Just like it did for Giratina.

      Was about to go to bed but I'll be online shortly. You can have a free Jolly 5IV Bagon that you may or may not need because I need to get rid of these extras.

      EDIT: Oh, guess you went offline while I typed this, we'll just trade tomorrow.
    11. Rocxidi
      It's probably garb

      Oh I have two, modest and timid :)
    12. Rocxidi
      Guess who has an HP Fire Magnezone? :)

      I'll give you a clue: Not you :)
    13. Psynergy
      Well it's more like my grandparents are weird since I was at their home but yeah, that's true too. Back now though so yay internet.

      I actually was waiting for him to get a second Mega for exactly that reason, he is the Hoenn equivalent of Charizard after all. Though if both Blaziken or Rayquaza are unfortunately only getting one Mega then I don't see anything else getting two. Except maybe Zygarde but eh.

      Oh, hadn't thought of whether or not he survives after SR. Assuming level 50 since wifi rules, turns out he only dies about 30% of the time with my defense IV. Which I guess could screw me over, but 7 out of 10 times I'll be fine. My friend had tough luck with him too and ended up with a shiny Landorus in the process so who knows, maybe you'll luck out with a good shiny one.

      Cool, I'll be ready anytime tomorrow so I'll try to keep a closer eye on VM's.
    14. Aeon™
      nah i'm gonna try and make a banner for my sig tonight. I was never that serious about getting reqs anyways
    15. Aeon™
      nbnb in all seriousness though, good luck mate
    16. Aeon™
      rip in peace clone's COIL
    17. Aeon™
      yaaaaaaaaaaaaas. And now that all of Friends is on netflix, I'm probably not going to get reqs lol
    18. Aeon™
      then I hope you lose 8 and win 0
    19. Aeon™
      imo lose 8 battles in a row
    20. Aeon™
      Go tilt imo
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    Mar 15, 1997 (Age: 23)
    College Student
    Favourite Pokémon:
    Nintendo Network ID:
    name goes here
    Nintendo 3DS Friend Code:
    2 1337 4 U
    Only active on Smogon. Find me there if you need me

    That is all.

    Notable achievements:

    Elemental Tournament II: 3rd Place
    One Pokémon Wonder: 1st Place
    Mosh Pit: 1st Place
    ORAS Hype Tournament: 1st Place
    The Highlander Tournament: 3rd Place

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