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Last Activity:
Aug 31, 2017
Aug 28, 2013
Likes Received:
Mar 15, 1997 (Age: 22)
College Student

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Ded, 22, from Hoenn

Clone™ was last seen:
Aug 31, 2017
    1. Aeon™
      Yah well you should be
    2. Aeon™
      that's a shitty reason
    3. Aeon™
      Wow why don't you come on xat anymore
    4. Rocxidi
      Fite me again imo
    5. Rocxidi
      *two crits
    6. Rocxidi
      hits mandi like a smart car tho
    7. Rocxidi
      40% on mandi, 80 on gyar

      u were scarf don lie
    8. Rocxidi
      Mandibuzz counters and Gyarados checks.

      Lucky mofo
    9. Rocxidi
      lol 2 crits
    10. Rocxidi
      git gud imo
    11. Rocxidi
      lol scrub I have those ev reducing berries so its easy

      fluffy has like 100/108/46/0/54/206 spread or some **** like that
    12. Rocxidi
      k, just gonna have fluffy speedcreep starmie then, everything else is too fast

      yay more bulk

      Holy **** wifi megamence needs 52 evs to outspeed mega Alakazam after dd
    13. Rocxidi
      I mean OU scrub

      Should I worry bout Alakazam in OU?
    14. 00swms
      The brackets have been posted for the Anti-Items Tournament. You'll have 10 days to completely round one, due to the holiday I've extended the deadline by 3 days, but the last 3 rounds will last the typical 7 days.

      Round One Deadline: January-08-2015 12:00am Central Time GMT - 06:00

      Happy New Year's
    15. Minedreigon
      Why would I smart *** ur post. I agree that Greninja in unhealthy and POSSIBLY not objectively broken. My main reason for wanting it banned is how unhealthy for the metagame it is. Your post is right for the most part :]
    16. Rocxidi
      Now that Ninja's getting banned, what's the next slowest thing in OU?
    17. Dragalge
      Merry Christmas!
    18. Psynergy
      Oh that's great. I'm probably going down to Southern California to visit family at some point in the future and they don't have internet at that house anymore.

      Special Attack emphasis would have been cool, though unless they gave him better special moves than Fire Blast/Focus Blast I think a mixed one would be better than full special. Something to boost kicking moves would actually make a lot of sense and it would probably work a lot like Mega Sharpedo abusing Speed Boost before Mega Evolving. That and what's essentially a CB boost to HJK would be terrifying.

      I guess there's always next gen, but then again I'm sure people said that last gen too.

      Yup, need that HP Ice Specs Kyurem-B. Yeah, I can live with that since he's not taking a CB Brave Bird that much better with 31 Defense. Good luck on Landorus/Raikou/Kyurem, hopeufully you get good luck like I did with Heatran/Landorus and get great ones without much trouble.

      When I first heard about it I knew you'd be excited to see that but last I heard it got debunked. Serebii is also saying it's fake so I don't know. Garchomp will have a ton of fun with OU if it somehow does end up real though.
    19. Usatoday
      Keep in mind I'm in Florida with no internet starting saturday
    20. Psynergy
      Oh nice, I know that while I'm gone I won't have any internet.

      I still think it would have been funny if Blaziken got a second Mega in ORAS just to see everyone cry about favoritism. Not Game Freak's fault that Blaziken has always been popular.

      I had the same problem so I know exactly what you mean. I had a fair number of friends in high school who played Pokemon but a lot of them didn't play competitively, or if they did they didn't play a lot or weren't particularly good either. Which is why for awhile in high school I didn't do much competitive stuff.

      That would, a shame that the wifi battles forum is kind of dead but I can't blame people for preferring the convenience of simulators. I'm not really surprised they go for 3v3 on Battle Spot since they want to keep battles from being too long (stall on cartridges rip), but it would be nice if they had a better place to do 6v6 since PSS is kind of hit-or-miss.

      Also got myself a nice 31/30/14/31/31/31 Naive Kyurem I'm keeping, so basically 5 IV. I was kinda ehhh on that defense but after checking relevant calcs it doesn't really make a significant difference against any priority so I'm okay with that. Best of all that's all legendaries so I'm done with that now.
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    Mar 15, 1997 (Age: 22)
    College Student
    Favourite Pokémon:
    Nintendo Network ID:
    name goes here
    Nintendo 3DS Friend Code:
    2 1337 4 U
    Only active on Smogon. Find me there if you need me

    That is all.

    Notable achievements:

    Elemental Tournament II: 3rd Place
    One Pokémon Wonder: 1st Place
    Mosh Pit: 1st Place
    ORAS Hype Tournament: 1st Place
    The Highlander Tournament: 3rd Place

    ur mom


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