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  • Seeing Megas like Beedrill makes me look forward to what Megas they might put out in the future. Seeing something useless with an awful BST suddenly become good is fantastic use of a Mega. Goes to show how ridiculous OR/AS OU has developed with Mega Salamence. All of these random Scarf users, I don't even know.

    Oh, Aegislash, Shaymin and Darkrai too? Guess it's a lot easier to handle things when you can give stuff almost any ability. I don't know, I might give it a shot, though with OR/AS literally around the corner I'll probably wait before giving it a try.
    I guess living dangerously is one way to play the game. Roost is definitely interesting, didn't even realize it got Roost. A shame it always has to watch out for non-fighting type priority moves and Scarf users, but nothing's perfect.

    Oh, why is Blaziken allowed in AAA, is it because of all the Flying spam? I just assumed the banlist was the normal plus Slaking/Regigigas/Kyurem-B. I guess with more abusers of Flying spam, stuff like Regnerator Regirock is that much more useful to have around too. Ah right, Imposter Chansey. Now that's nasty ability to put on a Pokemon.
    Well typically Grass starters only ever get Thunder Punch, Water gets Ice Punch, and Fire get Thunder and Fire Punch but not Ice since it contradicts Fire. Blaziken is just special like that, which I guess is all the reason we really need. I think it'll be a viable alternative, but not one I can see myself using often. A shame that Beedrill's base stats basically force it to run Protect, but I'm impressed they managed to make Beedrill OU viable.

    Almost Any Ability is probably something I'd actually try at some point, I've watched battles and seeing stuff like Aerilate Dragonite, Refrigerate Weavile and Poison Heal Regirock is definitely something I'd find fun. Chansey is always rude so I'm not surprised.
    Well I was more referencing the novelty and that there's no logic to Blaziken getting Ice Punch. Well, outside of the fact that it's Blaziken, of course. It does also hits Mega Salamence stronger and more reliably than Stone Edge, and Giratina-O doesn't hate Knock Off as much so Ice Punch has some uses if you really hate those things. I don't really expect it to be a common move but it's an interesting addition. Beedrill could really use Gunk Shot and Megahorn to give it options outside of U-turning everything.

    I've never gotten into many of the Other Metagames, they look like absurd fun but I can never get into them. Guess there's no need for Speed Boost when you can just STAB V-create and get Speed Boost + Cosmic Power every time you hit something.
    I suppose that's true. Ubers has always kinda revolved around a few threats to an extent, this would just change which threats the tier would revolve around. On the topic of good Ubers though, turns out Blaziken gets Ice Punch now, just because. Ignoring how useful that may or may not be, just goes to show you can get anything if you're Blaziken.

    I've tried LC for a bit and enjoyed it but never got enough interest to go back to it. OU, Ubers and RU are the tiers I play most often, though if I'd known RU has every Regenerator besides Slowbro, Mienshao, Ho-oh and Tornadus-T I probably would never have started it. Never got enough interest to bother with UU or NU (or PU if that counts for anything).
    So i've bred 2 adamant bagons with rock head (intimidate mence) 31 31 31 xx 31 31. Egg moves fire fang and dragon dance. One male, one female. Pick whichever u like :D

    the bunnelby is adamant 31 31 31 xx 31 31 with huge power right? If so we have a deal lemme know when u can trade =)
    Yeah, Ubers will have to make room for a new god if LO Mega Rayquaza can be a thing. Guess we'll find out the truth on the matter in about a week though.

    I suppose completely avoiding OR/AS OU is one solution. Will you just completely avoid OR/AS tiers for the time being or just OR/AS OU?
    Well given that datamining the demo found Mega stones for every other new Mega and nothing but an event flag for Mega Evolving Rayquaza, who knows? Not like he needs that ability to hold items though, 780 BST with items is the last thing Ubers wants to see.

    It's a new situation to be in mid-generation, we've never had so many new things introduced mid-generation to throw things into chaos like this so I can see why it's such a mess. The most we got mid-Gen 5 was Therian forms and Keldeo/Meloetta/Genesect, but now we've got 16 non-broken Megas and tutors to throw into the mix, and probably more when the next Gen 6 game comes around. I'm sure things will settle down eventually but at this rate it'll probably be awhile before we reach that point.
    Yeah. And if Mega Rayquaza can actually hold items then well...yeah the tier is going to have fun with OR/AS.

    XY is pretty good now yeah, but Aegislash is definitely the most controversial thing to happen to X/Y. While I don't really think it was fully deserving of that ban, I can't deny that its ban helped a lot of fun stuff rise to OU. The ban was kind of a double-edged sword, no pun intended. Well the council said they're not going to test anything until OR/AS right? And Mega Salamence and Greninja are at the forefront right now so definitely nothing on other stuff like Aegislash for awhile. OR/AS will shake things up, but I guess there's no way to tell exactly what will happen until the obviously broken stuff is gone.
    Mega Salamence and Mega Rayquaza. Not so much anymore, but back when we got the info on stats it was impossible for someone to bring them up without somebody proclaiming that "Mega Salamence is better than Mega Rayquaza" or vice versa. I prefer the conclusion that both are equally insane for different reasons/roles.

    While I do like how OU developed after Aegislash's ban, I still don't like how that suspect vote was handled, what with everybody being so indecisive on their votes. That just makes it even more of an iffy outcome that it came down to just a single vote. I'm sure that eventually people will call for a retest at least sometime in 6th Gen, though.
    When do you want to play for Rebellious Rebel? I should be available this Friday/Saturday/Sunday evening GMT -5. :]
    hey clone, congrats for winning the mosh pit thingie even though I'm late on that news
    Ubers is filled with a confusing bunch of people sometimes so I don't blame you. I still don't understand why they get so hung up on stuff like which of the two Mega Dragons is the better one when it's not a black and white debate.

    Given how divisive this suspect has been, I'm sure there will be people that quit Smogon and/or Ubers whether STag is banned or not.
    I've got jolly and nave bagons with dragon dance, fire fang and hydro pump if it helps :D I guess i would breed and adamant one too since i'll be needing it. So if you're willing to wait a while i'll do it.
    Nice and concise, unlike the debate in the Shadow Tag thread. I like that you point out that STag really is overpowered, since [it's true and] "overpowered" is exactly what the Uber tier is all about. Definitely seems like people just want it gone because they don't like dealing with STag in specific as opposed to it actually being uncompetitive, and it would be awful if that got it banned. But yeah I like it, hope your vote gets approved.
    Yeah, unexpected VM~

    Haven't talked to you here in awhile but I noticed you're one of the qualified voters for the Shadow Tag suspect. Just wanted to know if you're still voting anti-ban and hear your reasoning.
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