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  • Everything's alright over here. :D I'm not really sure what to say. Lol. I'm falling behind on updating my fic due to vacation, so I feel bad. ;-; I'm also trying to find a job, but bleh. Hahahh.
    Pffft. You'll be out of it in no time. :p You're a beast at golfing, nothing can keep you down! Hahah. And... Yeah... xD Woot woot! It'll officially be one month on the 8th. ^^;;
    That's great to hear! It's been pretty good over here. :D Currently on vacation at my sis's and loving it hahah. And lol, you think so? Rad. Everyone seems to think I should, so it makes it that much easier to do it. xD

    Oh, and by the way, Andrew tells me you're quite the beast at golf lately. :p
    Ale-Alexander! Ale-Alexander-o! *pretending I can sing Alejandro*
    Fash VMed me and it made me realize you guys were still on SPPf. What's up, mann? :D Long time no chat!
    Haha, thanks for the offer, I may take it up. I need to finish Black still though :p And yes we should!
    Haha, not much, I just started my 3rd playthrough of Platinum actually. Life has been good, I was thinking of either starting up Swordsplay or The Swift again. And what about you?
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    Hey Clone... I'm just wondering if you're still in Swordsplay? You haven't posted in awhile. Just tell me if you are or not.
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