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  • Well, since you seem not to know, Serris is taking everyone with him to a different clan pretty much. I think Advent's basically dead now. :/
    xD I know what you mean... After all the crap that happened yesterday, I almost left. And now that Ducky is leaving because I didn't find Kait's apology heartfelt, I feel like leaving even more. Well, I'm not a part of the team, so it's not leaving, but you get my drift. Not going on anymore.
    It took all night and then some to have me get him to grow them, but once I got her angry enough for her to cuss everyone out again and stop the "woe is me" act he had no choice. I'm pretty sure he's regretting banning her though. Yesterday she was PCing him on chatango and he was half-willing to take off the ban. If he lets her back in, I'm never going on the chat again. :|
    Which, thankfully, I finally helped end. I opened Crazie's eyes after two hours of him babying Kait through it and telling her all this "It's okay, we'll have second chances and I'll give you hugs and believe in you" crap. I finally blew my top over the constant babying of her, her uglier side was shown, and Crazie finally banned her. :D Huzzah!
    xD The obstacles have actually NEVER bothere me. I always get right through them, and then when it comes to the area that's clear where the hole is... I totally screw up. xD Because I'm such a loser at putting, I guess. I don't know lol. But yeah. I envy you. c[=
    You play golf too? :] Dude, that's amazing! I love golf hahah. Well, I guess mini-golf. I never really played real golf, except for on the wii... ;_; But I love it mann. I suck at mini-golf, though, so i'd do terribly in the real thing. XD it's good advent has been doing alright. If it wasn't, why I'd have to... Oh, I just can't say it. xD
    Please, call me Zach. =P & yeah, as far as Fash knows my summer's been amazing. xD But yeah, I've been doing alright I guess. Yourself?
    CLONE! :D I'm now breaking your comment cherry. x] ('Cause the only ones you have are from your brother.) What's up, dude? I feel bad that we never really talk. How've you been?
    First off I wasn't a second off I just enabled VM's xD gimma break. And don't you have more of a life to be VMing me when I'm your brother xD
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