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  • It's fine, really. :)

    I don't have an account so it might just be that some stuff isn't visible to me anyway. Again, don't really care though. Might not be my sort of thing but that's just life, haha.
    To be honest... Every now and then I've kind of visited your DeviantArt page, so I think I already heard about that. It doesn't really make a difference to me, though. You're just yourself.
    If you're talking about the villain... I kind of saw it coming. That said, the reveal and the scene immediately after it was pretty chilling. Whoa. :O

    I'm happy to see that Disney's continuing its streak of good quality movies though. (Inside Out next...!)
    I liked all of the characters! Though of course Baymax was great. :p Plot was pretty good as well, even if I feel it got a bit crammed-in near the end. And the humour was really good, too!

    Thanks for the luck as well. Hopefully, I'll be fine.
    I've been fine. Not doing too much, revising for mocks when half term is over. Also been mulling over my own ideas for a Pokemon 'fanon' universe as such.

    I saw Big Hero 6 too, on the day it came out! What did you think of it? I found it to be pretty good. Balalalala...
    Yep. A lot of the good stuff from the original R/S are back, plus some ways to get newer Pokemon. And again, the story and characters are way better.
    Better than the originals and X and Y in terms of story and characters. Content is about the same compared to X and Y, but more Legendaries are available for catching. If you haven't played the original R/S/E, I would recommend it. If you have, I probably would still recommend it but it's not as necessary.
    Maybe it does, maybe it doesn't. :p Won't spoil you on the details. All I'll say is I enjoyed the characters much more in Alpha Sapphire than I did the original.

    Ah well, looked like an Afro to me!
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