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  • Ah. The Delta Episode is a post-game short story of sorts, kind of like the Looker side quest in X and Y. Didn't know you were avoiding spoilers, but that shouldn't be too bad.

    The banner is pretty cool! Scraggy looks great with an Afro. :p
    Yeah, Poke Transfer. He's in X right now though. Beat the Champion and the Delta Episode today, though! :D

    The banner? Do you mean the Fawful/Kirby mix? It's pretty good, especially with how well blended together the two characters are.

    Can you, in your art shop, request a custom trainer sprite? Like, I specify two sprites or so that I want you to fuse to look like myself.
    I picked a Treecko, but I didn't really use him. (I played the original Sapphire, and already had a Blaziken from that...)
    Alright then. Hope you can wait that long!

    I have Alpha Sapphire. It's been pretty good. :) The characterisation in particular is really good this time around.
    Yeah, the Great Cave sounds fun.

    Glad about Mewtwo (hopefully he'll be obtainable without buying both versions, probably with paying). The roster seemed kind of incomplete, having one more popular character in there helps to round it out a bit.
    Ah, I see. I don't really watch TV.

    The new movie's called 'Inside Out', it'll be out summer next year. The basic premise is that it focuses on the five emotions of a girl's mind as they try to help her cope with moving house. The teaser doesn't show much of the plot or anything, I'm just glad to see some footage of the film. This one looks really good. :D
    The 'glob' reminded me of the blobby things in Bowser's story and how they say 'globin' a lot.

    Yeah, the Wii U version looks prettier and it would feel more natural to play it on a console after Brawl. :p

    I'm actually kind of excited for something else right now. On Thursday, a bit of teaser footage for the new Pixar movie was released...
    ...Was that a Mario and Luigi reference?

    I think I'll hold out until the Wii U version, my hype's died down a bit. I have the demo, though. :)
    Heh, that's fine if you don't want to play it any more. I've got all the Sweets furniture now, though. :)

    Yeah... Kind of looking forward to the new Smash, though the full roster view has dampened my hype somewhat. :/ Will be getting the Wii version, not sure about 3DS yet.
    Not exactly, went to the dentist's yesterday. This summer's been lazy and boring but I'm going to enjoy it, because there won't be anymore of this after.

    Nope, I've never had an interest in pixelwork myself, but I shall recommend your shop if the opportunity arises!
    Gosh, that was fast. I've been good, school's out and all (exams in a week, though, and I've only started studying *sob*).

    How's your vacation? Never knew you did splices for others.
    Hi there, it's been a while. Saw your sprite shop in the art section, thought I'd drop in and say hello.
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