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Last Activity:
Oct 3, 2017
Mar 21, 2009
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Magus lover, from The end of time

Cloudchild75 was last seen:
Oct 3, 2017
    1. SmeargleRocks
      Change of plans, I have to buy a new memory card and start xd from scratch, I've been using a generic Pelican memory card since I got my gamecube but it finally said the data was corrupted, after a bit of tinkering I got the card to read transferred everything and am going to probably throw the old card out while waiting for the new one, luckily I was able to save every mon that mattered (7 mew and my play through team) so it has to be put on hold temporarily
    2. SmeargleRocks
      I wasn't going for fake out, you didn't ask for it :3 I was just saying that Fake Out appears the least out of any other move
    3. SmeargleRocks
      Yeah thats fine, probably won't get time to play xd again til Friday night / Saturday so can't it'll be a little while
    4. SmeargleRocks
      Only once and I taught it to one of the mew last year :3
    5. SmeargleRocks
      NP, Softboiled and Fake out don't like popping up much so it may take me a little while to get the right move selection
    6. SmeargleRocks
      Gonna work on your mew tonight, didn't get to trade mew to xd til 10 minutes ago, you still want softboiled and mimic right? I think I can tutor mud slap in gen4 or 6
    7. SmeargleRocks
      Not to much, have the pokemon in your party, save in a PC and then attach the cable and use the 1 trade center in the XD colosseum games
    8. SmeargleRocks
      Most of my stuff I had already sent over through bank to OR but still doesn't mean that he's not a huge a hole
    9. SmeargleRocks
      That sucks, I know how you feel, my first shiny that I caught on platinum (the game but second actual shiny) and my first hatched shiny shelmet were on my y game and my brother lost it last year taking it out to take the coins on my ds for his damn tamadachi life game, I hate him -_-
    10. SmeargleRocks
      No, I got a new gameboy last week in the mail and I have the connector cable so I just need to find a good time
    11. SmeargleRocks
      I gotta find time to trade it to xd
    12. SmeargleRocks
      Ha thats awesome
    13. SmeargleRocks
      Yeah that's all it was
    14. SmeargleRocks
      I meant its face, its an ebay link to a Smeargle Plush
    15. SmeargleRocks
    16. SmeargleRocks
      It will take a little time to sr for a good one though since there are 3000+ combinations of moves
    17. SmeargleRocks
      Nothing, you traded me yours so I owe you one
    18. SmeargleRocks
      But yeah I'll get zap cannon on it and see what else it can get that's cool with it
      Heres the serebii page saying every exclusive XD move mew can get but each move set can only have 1 of those, so sadly even though I want one.... Fake Out and Night Shade is illegal and impossible
    19. SmeargleRocks
      Saw it on ebay and talked to the guy, asked if I could save up til the end of the month if I he could save me one of the games he was selling, he said yes and then we bartered down when I said I couldn't do $350 so he agreed $250 was fair since it was already missing 100+ mew that he probably hand picked XD then I order the damn thing and the post office lost it for a month, it was delivered when I was at work and I checked the tracking which said it was left at a farm, then it was sent through sorting which was slow and then finally after a bunch of calls and weeks later I got the game and I was so happy, brought my gameboy that day to make sure it still played, luckily he had it in a gameboy advance game case or something
    20. SmeargleRocks
      I'll get that and see what else it can get, also did you know be can teach mew fake out?
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    The end of time
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    I don't like getting private messages asking me to join people's new sites! I don't answer what do you want for pms.

    Chrono Trigger!


    My ingame pokemon Y name is Child and I am no longer interested in trading safaris. On pokemon sun I am Cloud. Shiny value - 3223 Y - 2328 Sapphire - 0181 Ruby 3065 - Sun
    Shiny pokemon I've successfully chained to date: Platinum 92 Pokemon Y 3 Alpha Sapphire 7 Grand total 108 MM Pokemon 6 Soft reset shinies 19 Sos chain on Sun 5My 100th chained shiny is plusle with wish! ;311;