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  • Hi. I saw you were looking for items. I have 20 Rare Candies, 11 PP Ups and 2 PP Maxes. Is it possible I could get the shiny Zapdos and Dratini?
    shiny horsea-male nn-Crispin
    attacks-muddy water, bounce (if possible.)
    those are the two i've been trying to get.

    if you're interested in doing more i have two others i'm looking for(not as strongly, but still looking)
    shiny cacnea-male nn-Hattori
    seedbomb, suckerpunch, miracle leaf
    shiny Swablu nn-Sky (cheesy right. though it is a character in a book)
    heatwave, ominous wind
    these are the possible parents for the moves (you asked for them.
    togepi-extrasensory- bronzor (lv19) hoothoot, vulpix, nuzleaf (all learn it about 45) signal beam- tutor move
    horsea- muddy water-wooper, marshtomp, or shellos (all learn it about lv 37) bounce-tutor move
    cacnea- magical leaf -chikorita, ralts, or cherubi (all learn it about lv 20) sucker punch and see bomb- tutor moves
    swablu-heatwave, ominous wind-tutor moves

    (the tutor moves are ones they can only learn in gen4 or i wouldn't ask) like i said the moves aren't as important, but since i won't be able to get them once they're transferred i figured i'd ask. hope that helps. :)

    not sure if we ever talked via pm, but here are the vms
    yeah i know that one is finished. did you want to trade for that one and do some of the other item trades at the same time?
    i can wait for the other three.
    hi saw your post in the shiny thread. if you'd like the items before the rngs are finished i'm fine with that. if i calculated correctly it should add up to about 32 items. let me know if you'd like to trade for them. and i can just wait till the rngs are finished to get them from you. that way you can use the items now.
    im gonna shower really fast i just got off work. ha i have your Honey ready to trade ill message you when im back on and ill meet you n wifi then
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