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  • togepi-extrasensory- bronzor (lv19) hoothoot, vulpix, nuzleaf (all learn it about 45) signal beam- tutor move
    horsea- muddy water-wooper, marshtomp, or shellos (all learn it about lv 37) bounce-tutor move
    cacnea- magical leaf -chikorita, ralts, or cherubi (all learn it about lv 20) sucker punch and see bomb- tutor moves
    swablu-heatwave, ominous wind-tutor moves

    (the tutor moves are ones they can only learn in gen4 or i wouldn't ask) like i said the moves aren't as important, but since i won't be able to get them once they're transferred i figured i'd ask. hope that helps. :)
    two i know for sure i'm looking for are
    shiny togepi-male nn-Koyuki
    really want the attacks the same as one i have... but i think that it needs to level up in gen 4 to get those. example Aura Sphere, ExtremeSpeed, Sky Attack, Air Slash so i don't think they can be eggmoves. otherwise i'm just looking for attacks that will highly offensive.like Extrasensory or singal beam. (trust you) i eventually want to use it as my flyer.
    shiny horsea-male nn-Crispin
    attacks-muddy water, bounce (if possible.)
    those are the two i've been trying to get.

    if you're interested in doing more i have two others i'm looking for(not as strongly, but still looking)
    shiny cacnea-male nn-Hattori
    seedbomb, suckerpunch, miracle leaf
    shiny Swablu nn-Sky (cheesy right. though it is a character in a book)
    heatwave, ominous wind

    what ever is fine. mostly conserned they are shiny with a nickname. moves and stats are what ever can be done. would like a nice strong team for offense, but what ever works. let me know how many items and which to prepare. i can get some off my other gen 5 games (have 6 copies... i know obsessive much XP ) so i should have enough items no matter how many you are willing to do. thanks.
    dang well ill take any zap for a dw vulpix. i have a male one ready to go for you but im about to battle someone at the moment if you want female ill have to breed it later
    would you trade the timid heat wave zapdos you already have? also you wouldnt happend to have an extra water stone would ya? i can offer any dw pokemon i have
    i dont think it can learn tailwind via platinum it has to be SS or HG for that but if you could teach it heat wave by taking it to the move tutor, try youtube or google for exact detail? i have white version only so im not familiar with the 3rd and 4th gens sorry
    i would love the platinum zapdos with heat wave and tailwind please!?! hopefully its modest or timid but could you also nickname it Zeus please? i can breed to the fdw vulpix with flare blitz for your troubles
    bummer about the woobat. but i'm still interested in the other two. even if it's on black. i understand the problem though. used to have it myself... finally broke down and got my own broadband. well let me know if you're willing to do the two rngs. (if you ever happen upon another woobat. let me know. )
    Until my new tradethreasd is up, I need rare candies, ppups and ppmaxes, and like a few masterballs. I have shinies such as -


    6 per shiny. I also have most gen 4 shiny legends, can rng any shiny that can be hatched from an egg, like phione or bulbasaur and can do eggmoves. But I cannot rng on Black, only platinum. So I can't get you pokemon such as tepig or ferroseed. I charge 6 items per shiny. Ask about non shiny gen 1-4, I can throw in as many of those as you like. Such as beldum and eevee.
    which games do you need the items in?
    in black i can get you a combination of all of them. in silver i know i have rare candies and at least 3 masterball (from other games too) but i have to double check some of the other items.

    if you're willing i would like your shiny woobat in exchange. (can it be nicknamed?)

    also depending on which you need (think i can get enough) i would love to get two rnged in gen 4 (can trade in silver if possible.)
    if you're willing to trade these 3 pokemon (woobat and two rnged in gen4) i'd gladly give you a combination of 8 of the requested items for each pokemon. i've been trying to get them forever, with no luck. please let me know. thank-j

    edit: just checked. on one of my games of black i have 12 rare candies, 9ppmax, 5 pp ups and 5 masterballs. (not sure on silver but i have lot there too)
    That is good to hear, let me get my stuff. With school, then getting sick, I haven't actually turned my DS on in quite a while.

    I'm happy to though, see you in a bit.
    No need to apologize. That all sounds troubling, I'm sorry.

    It's here whenever you're ready.

    When you have a time that's good for you, let me know + what timezone you're in, and I will make sure to be available.
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