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  • I'm Ranch deprived because it's too expensive for some extra space (I don't have a Wii).

    I shall keep up with our little conversation but I have to go. ^^'
    Rotfl I just took the pokemon off the ranch onto my diamond and pearl games. Tis called recycling 8D Luca? I like the name. Lol You should see some of my names. I have Mirza shining fearow, Khalida shining scyther, Sarito shining ledian...the list goes on rotfl
    Lol, do you keep breeding or just constant catching? That's at least 3000 Pokemons already.

    May I ask why Pichu was named Luca?
    Actually, I technically have two mews left, had three. Keeping one obviously 8D I also have an extra shaymin. As for how I got more than one ranch mew, you just delete the save data and start the ranch all over rotfl
    Lol no problem. It looked so random like you were trying to complete a shiny dex. How did you get two Haley's Mews and made it an HM guy xD?

    I might hunt down a shiny Raticate (and others that I can chain when I have more time) too to some more goodies off you xP.
    Well thankies for the trade ^_^ As for what I'm trying to do...woulda thought 'twas obvious XD Collecting my favorite pokemon in shiny =p
    Then what are you trying to do? The shinies you want are so awkwardly selective xD.
    FC in sig.
    Actually a female would match my shiny pikachu raichu set (chained them they're both female o_O) the name Luca for pichu would rock 8D
    I got a female shiny pichu. I am still chaining so I may get a male one too. I don't know how many you want but what would you like for me to nickname the female/male?
    Lol, it can be but once again, I need to hunt for it.

    BTW, you seem to have plenty of great shinies, I don't understand why you can't just hunt them yourself.
    I would have to hunt it down first because I just remembered the rat in 3rd gen was from my brother before he started a new game. I can also hunt down Pichu (which is actually easier for me) but if it takes a rat, could you wait till tomorrow or something? Modest would be perfect as long as its UT.
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