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  • i got a shiny emolga from WT/gte???? that was named "Galactic Puke", its a funny name that i liked very much. i also got a shiny zigagoon named orange which would usually be in the party for that ability pick up.
    shines are rare as hell unless they send over hacked shinies. ive used GTS to get the normal ENG ad foreing dex entries. lol i usually have trouble finding ITA and KOR origin pkmn but i got 3 Korean wynaut within the first 6 attempts on GTS.

    sometimes when i want certain foreign pkmn on GTS and i have the general pkmn they want but they are clearly putting a random IV pkmn and ask for a shiny in return. i call their bluff with what non-shiny pkmn i can offer in return.
    ive had pretty good luck with my current GTS searches which didnt take too long to get the desired pkmn. some do take a bit on the slow side but i will get what i want.
    true enough, the best i could put in the description is HA 4em or in this case 4em. there should've been a 2-3 more extra spaces for letters programmed into the GTS message format IMO.
    these arent the usual growlithe that you'd send over. sure they may be male bank balls but they still have iron tail, morning sun, FB and CC on them.

    ive gotten rather far as GEN 1, 3 and 6 go for 3 languages. im missing 4 gen 3 GER pkmn to close out FRE SPA and GER in those 3 generations.
    i do care at times as to which pkmn they might be but i usually have plenty of extra pkmn from breeding projects to spare to GTS. im a bit low on my old GTS stock though i do have 4-5 boxes of EM growlithe males which are taking pretty well on GTS so i do have a small supply before i need to breed more GTS stock.
    i dont particularly care which pkmn might go for hotcakes. if i can breed a bunch of them and turn them into useful pkmn then its more than good enough for my purposes.
    you can still find trubbish in the garbage bins at certain times but its not the usual encounter method for most pkmn.
    that or they just cant bother to go out and catch them in the first place, either option is fine with me. i relied heavily on GTS to fill out many dex entries when i had an incomplete English dex.
    that is truly bizarre that garbodor is a hot pkmn to go on GTS. its very weird, some popular pkmn males just dont fly off the shelves while others do. from my attempts i believe HA Gligar/froakie males dont do so well while any HA bulbasaur or HA qwilfish are fly off the shelves. i tried one of the pkmn males and i got no takers for 8hrs until i took it back and put something else up.
    when i get back to breeding more HA qwilfish for GTS fodder i will need to give the WT fodder some good names. atm my male 4EM growlithe are doing pretty well on GTS.
    lol, though i do agree that i try to avoid certain nicknames. i do have some harsh prejudices for nicknames that do rear their heads once in a while. 97% of all pkmn i WT all have no nickname or a good fitting name. ie pin cushion for 1-2 qwilfish i WT'd.
    i got a few choice named magby from GTS in my search with names related the the shape of magby's head/hair. i also got a few gangsta named pkmn from WT in the past that didnt take long to be released.

    i do admit im guilty of doing that myself. i hate chomp and i named a few "F'ng useles" gabite and sent them packing to WT. there were also some derogatory names for a few popular pop music singers that i sent to WT. i really do hate pop music and the majority of the singers in that genre. id rather listen to nails on a chalk board than hear their modern pop music.

    though i did have some clean fun with nicknamed pkmn: intimidate mawile/granbull named "Donald Trump" with some fittingly named moves.
    i once got a shiny snivy from WT, hacked??????, it really pissed me off. it was a lvl 99 shiny snivy............
    yeah, sometimes the Kalos balls are sufficient for some shinies but not all are ideal.
    np, i should have a few fast/level ball growlithe in stock at any time. i got a few FS shinies too though i do tend favor some control on nature/IVs and EM when i breed shinies.
    if you are interested in breeding a shiny Growlithe i can send over a female fast ball growlithe. i recently bred some fast ball Growlithe with the same 4 EM CC, FB, morning sun, iron tail.

    thank you very much for helping me trade evolve those 3 pkmn. i managed to get a few German pkmn today mostly thru GTS.
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