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  • Would you be willing to trade an event for it? It a Rash female in a Luxury Ball. UT, Early Bird ability.

    Unfortunately no perfect IVs.
    You posted in the Beldum thread that you have the Steven's Shiny Beldum, if it is untouched and has a valid event date (11/21/2014 to 1/14/2015) I would love to trade my Shiny Jirachi JP Event Poke for it. I have replied to the Beldum thread with my FC if you are interested!
    There ya go, its actually 18 pp ups,(miscounted lol) anyway enjoy!

    PS: If you ever want that mew back just ask. I keep all my legendaries in a seperate box
    Okay is it late for you? If so we can postphone the pp ups (15)/ pp max(1) till later. Don't want to overwhelm any1
    Still need a thunderstone? Also thanks to the ability pickup from my linoone i have 15 pp ups and 1 pp max if your interested in that as well
    i mis calculated. I bought ppups instead of 2 rare candies. Sorry i messed up. But i hope these items do help you.
    Okay i have 3 rare candies now (1 from my pickup linoone 2 from wonder trading alot). I also have the two pp ups i mentioned before.

    so sorry i was not able to be on for a while yesterday but ill try to catch you whenever your online. Ill keep checking back online periodically/remain online for while at a time.
    I was not the one who gave u the masterball. The aururos is about 10 points off in speed and special attack which was what i ev'd it in but itll do for now. Wanna get the pp ups? I accidently used up the rare candy but can get more by wonder trading a lot.
    Happy Easter!
    I just wanted to say thanks again for the amuara. Its an auroros now fully ev'd. Also, at this time, i have 2 pp ups (obtained by rebattling ace trainers in oras) and 1 rare candy i'd like to give you.
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