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Last Activity:
Mar 11, 2015
Apr 6, 2008
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Feb 17, 1995 (Age: 24)
Looking Delicious.

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Push It To The Limit, 24

CloudVII was last seen:
Mar 11, 2015
    1. Psypert
      I just aswered your question at the competitive 5th generation ask a question thread
    2. R4GEKILL!!!
      LOL. REALLY??? It was probrably on a steel type or something. Lulz. I am the RMT troll after all...
    3. R4GEKILL!!!
      HEY HEY HEY. When did I say STAB was stupid???? LOL.
    4. wargle18
      Thanks for the trade, hope you enjoy it!
    5. 0430Steve
      ended up finding one. thanks anyways.
    6. 0430Steve
      wondering if i can get an eevee off you
    7. Musical Mayhem
      Musical Mayhem
      So I just popped onto my user profile and noticed that I never answered your question... could of sworn I did... I didn't go to Districts actually. I played mainly flute up until my junior year and I was never good enough to rank higher than 30th and they only take 12 flutes. I didn't start learning oboe in time to go to districts on that (I ranked 19/21 because my teacher forced me to try out right after I started learning haha).

      I did go this year though to the convention which is held right before All-States. Since I'm a music ed student, I get to do all sorts of fun classes which is exciting. What does your sister play?
    8. Double-oh-Platypus
      I've just gotten really busy since I signed up for it so I'll try and make a post tomorrow when I don't have anything after school.
    9. Razor Shiftry
      Razor Shiftry
      dirty perv xD
    10. Soroft
      Haha, I know, right? Still waiting on the next one! :/
    11. Double-oh-Platypus
      Oh thanks! Sorry, I wasn't checking this site regularly and forgot all about it >.<
    12. burgaz62
      nice sig. Escape the fate is awesome.
    13. Silent Conversation
      Silent Conversation
      Ya, trading's always an option.
    14. Silent Conversation
      Silent Conversation
      Reuniclus I don't mind so much, because Gothitelle is more or less the same thing. I am upset about Braviary though - it would have been an ideal flying type, and right now my only other flying type in mind is Unfeazant
    15. Silent Conversation
      Silent Conversation
      Of course! Which one are you getting? (Black for me)
    16. Silent Conversation
      Silent Conversation
      Very true. That was definitely a pleasurable surprise when I returned to see reading through a simple thread wouldn't take me half an hour because of all the load time.
    17. Silent Conversation
      Silent Conversation
      Thanks! I actually came back to re-start a popular game me and Electivire Addict ran, Pokemon Survivor. Check it out if you're interested.

      So how have you been?
    18. Angry Ancestor
      Angry Ancestor
      Cool avatar. :)
    19. Talon2863
      Thank you!
    20. Talon2863
      Ok. I can do it right now.
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    Feb 17, 1995 (Age: 24)
    Looking Delicious.
    Favourite Pokémon:


    Originally posted by: R4GEKILL!!! No need for STAB. STAB is stupid.

    "Yes, I will see you through the smoke and flames on the frontlines of war and I will stand my ground until the end, until we conquer them all."

    Black:5286 2326 2599
    I rather adore music. I less than three it. <3

    "Let's believe that if we all stand together, we're a force that could shake the whole world. For once I'm doing something right when we say, 'Woah, woah.'"

    I'll battle anything as long as I've got Pokemon to put the team together.