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  • The announcement of Alola forms has had an effect on the D/P remakes that I've proposed. Now that Alola forms are a thing, my remakes can't just leave them out completely or pretend that they don't exist, or else players will be underwhelmed. But then again, it wouldn't make sense to have Alola-form Pokémon running around the Sinnoh region; the reason being that they're in their Alola forms, and this is Sinnoh, not Alola.

    After doing some thinking, I've come up with a brand-new idea for my D/P remakes. I present to you...Sinola Island! Accessible after the Renegade Episode, Sinola Island is a new island located somewhere off the coast of Sinnoh's mainland. It can be thought of as an outpost of the Alola region within Sinnoh. It is rich with Alola culture and traditions, and it even has an Alola embassy in its main town. On this island, certain wild Pokémon can be found in their Alola forms.

    What do you think of this?
    Another possibly OP Mega idea of mine:

    Mega Weavile
    Type: Dark/Ice
    Ability: Artful Dodger (This Pokémon is immune to priority moves.)
    Mega Stone: Weavilite
    HP: 70
    Attack: 145 (+25)
    Defense: 105 (+40)
    SpAttack: 45
    SpDefense: 105 (+20)
    Speed: 140 (+15)
    BST: 610 (+100)
    I did have a feeling Sing with perfect accuracy would be OP... but then again Spore has 100 accuracy. I'm glad you like the stat distribution though!

    Yeah, I did get your critique on my remakes. Thanks for the feedback! :)
    I just had an idea for Mega Wigglytuff. I gave it this new ability mainly because I want players to run Sing on it. After all, that's what the Jigglypuff line is famous for, right?

    Mega Wigglytuff
    Type: Normal/Fairy
    Ability: Amplifier (This Pokémon’s sound-based moves get a 30% power boost and have perfect accuracy.)
    Mega Stone: Wigglytuffite
    HP: 140
    Attack: 45 (-25)
    Defense: 70 (+25)
    SpAttack: 135 (+50)
    SpDefense: 100 (+50)
    Speed: 45
    BST: 535 (+100)
    Aw, thanks! Yours is great too. At least yours is organized into parts; mine is just a list of things. So what did you think of my ideas? Any suggestions?
    Thanks! I've also compiled a huge list of ideas for Diamond and Pearl remakes. Now that Sun & Moon have been confirmed, I'll soon have to start making changes to the list according to any info on those games that gets revealed. I can PM you the list if you're curious.
    Hey, I'm going to get FAR started tomorrow evening. It'd be nice if you could get your SU in by then, though I will be accepting late sign ups for a while.
    Hey, can you try to get your SU in for From Ashes Rise by Sunday evening? I'd like to get this RPG off the ground soon.
    Ah I see. Well Grimms is only dieing now, or it could be dead already. People aren't posting.

    Sadly that character will never be, because that RP ended already while you were gone.
    Hiya. Okay, so Grimms has finally rolled over into Sunday, and it's dieing. You said you'd post on the second day. That's still the plan, right?

    Also, I love your Profile Pic. I had that in mind when I designed Deena the Gardevoir for Shadow Necrosis.
    Grass had his character show up all creepy peeping Tom like and look at windows. She can do that too. Also tomorrow in RP time is when the cable company shows up.
    Yes. [ACE] Zero asked me about this before, and I said it was up to you guys if you want to begin a new thread or if I should reopen the old one. I never heard back from him, so I assumed he had contacted the rest of you and you'd all begun planning.
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