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Apr 18, 2017
Apr 16, 2013
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cmats4020 was last seen:
Apr 18, 2017
    1. bronislav84
      It could happen.
    2. bronislav84
      Her being able to learn magic would be up to Vampire. What do you mean spying?
    3. bronislav84
      Mmm cookies. Yea but it would take a while for people to realize the Grimms are magic/monsters. Cathy acts perfectly normal for well, a guy lol, and wears her "costume" all the time. It's the others that are not so much.
    4. bronislav84
      Hey, I can see Cathy liking to hang out with Daisy playing fighting games, as long as it's not first person shooters. Though I imagine Daisy would have a hard time getting out of her house to even meet the Grimms. Her outfit and religion devout-ness would disturb Cathy though, a bit.
    5. Truly Deceptive
      Truly Deceptive
      I apologize for having been away; I permitted it and messaged the mod who stopped it, so if you'd like to, you may begin your Gijinka based RP.
    6. [ACE] Zero
      [ACE] Zero
      Hello, since you are interested in the RPG Project Gijinka and PokeLegend has abandoned it, I will be re-doing it under my ownership, would you still be interested? I'm a very active member so their won't be the same issues as there is currently. Let me know!

      Thanks, Zero
    7. Eeveemaster
      Did you designed that Kirlio?
    8. Eeveemaster
      I know its quite ridiculous how Gallade can only be male while Gardevoir can be either sex. If they don't create Kirlio at least GF should fix that only female Kirlia should be Gardevoir..
    9. Eeveemaster
      Hey that Male Kirlia rocks!!!!

      Love them Ralts line.
    10. Nodame
      hey there .. I liked your gallade family tree idea xD
    11. The boy of X
      The boy of X
      Sup bro. How you doing?
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