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Sep 21, 2019 at 11:30 PM
Jul 9, 2016
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We need Ben 10 on Adult Swim ASAP Nov 13, 2018

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Sep 21, 2019 at 11:30 PM
    1. LadyTriox
      Oh cool :) i have a lot of free time so i do lots of activities xD Going online seems my favorite though. and playing pokemon :3
    2. LadyTriox
      Thanks^^ I'm so glad to read that. I've read there are people on this forum who are so anti my little pony they'll make a fuss and get innocent people banned over it...

      Do you also like books? They tend to remind me of movies a bit :3
    3. LadyTriox
      I don't want to talk about my brother. It doesn't feel right. So lets just drop it :P And Korrina's not real anyways so anyone can have her if they want to.

      Anyways, i duno what else to say umn. Do you watch my little pony? *hide's in case you're against my little pony....* (please be nice to me for liking it myself!!! i'm a girl anyways, if it helps you to feel nicer to me about it...)
    4. LadyTriox
      Though i may not of liked looking at my crushes in relationships with other characters as much in general since i liked thinking of them as 'mine' a lot and didn't wanna see them with anyone else xD I've always rather liked the idea of true love.

      Though its harder with that topic of 'she's all mine' now with korrina. I have to make my brother think i'm 'sharing' her with him, even though thats just not how i've usually seen crushes of mine :/ Like at all...

      I know she's not real, but still, its hard to think of crushes in ways i'm not so used to after 27 years on this planet.

      ....Even if i guess already its weird to me how much i think of making love to her when i hardly could tolerate the idea of love making up AT ALL till like age 23 lol xD;

      EDIT: Though, honestly, i think theres a lot of things about my past i may not remember. Like, i may of liked yaoi more than i remember so. I also think, too, like i said; i may of prefered yuri when i saw it, though since i was into males a lot in the past, i may not of looked at it often. I think, usually, i liked thinking of relationships with girls in them in general, be it boyxgirl or girlxgirl, likely since girl things/femininity always meant a lot to me on some level.
    5. LadyTriox
      Yeah, i think a lot of guys think lesbians are hot xD Hence the tvtrope 'girl on girl is hot'. A lot of girls who are straight also love shounen-ai and yaoi. I wasn't as into yaoi stuff as other girls i knew, though, even though i mostly liked guys in the past. Honestly....i think i may of always found yuri a little hotter xD It may of been an early sign that i was gonna start prefering girls one day. Like i seem to right now =)

      I may be offline a lot for a few days since my period seems really close to starting.

      Pokemon ultra moon is fun^^

      Thinking of korrina in a dress thats also styled to look like a tux is so hawt lol
    6. LadyTriox
      Thanks. I know i'd stand up for my loving korrina :) As scary as homophobes (especially christian ones...*shutter*) are, i know my thing for korrina is good now and really helps me. It makes me want to treat others more kindly. I think thats what God REALLY wants. Not me to follow some dumb 'gender rule'. Love is a wonderful thing.

      Sorry you have a lot of net issues :/ I hope you still see me as a friend though :) i don't mind if you're not on a lot.
    7. LadyTriox
      I also am starting a korrina page on blingee soon :3 I'll show you it when its done. Like korrina herself it will be beautiful. I'll likely add silly stories to it since i've done that with my past pokemon site i had way before korrina even existed lol
    8. LadyTriox
      I think so too :) Even if i have meltdowns over her, i've been learning its not KORRINA'S fault. I have autism. Autism gives me meltdowns, often over anything and everything. I would snuggle korrina so much if she was real. I actually can make online friends again thanks to her cuz she helps with my obsession with girlyness/distaste for people not being girly^^ That is such a happy thing for me. But anyways lets not talk anything that may lead to drama/negativity. I mean, topics like friends i think cause people to go negative sometimes and mention....stuff like loneliness. I NEVER want to read stuff like that. It still trigger's me greatly. I'm really not fully out of the woods yet, but i'm getting there. I want to stand up for liking girly things one day, too. At least my liking girly things. :)
    9. LadyTriox
      Girls are pretty to look at =3 Korrina is most pretty though. I'm in love with her and i don't want that to end for a long time. I feel staying a fangirl over her makes me happy, and i want to stick up for my liking her if anyone gives me a hard time one day for it^^

      Other things i like, though, i'm no where near that happy liking them. Its sad. And i heard some stuff that made me want to dislike the things i like *not korrina, tho* even more :<

      Try to only stay on happy topics with me. I'm seriously sensitive. Thanks
    10. LadyTriox
      Yeah, i find her easy to draw =3 I've always drawn females better than males. Though some of the curves females have are a little tricky, lol, however drawing korrina has made that easier for me too. So i may find drawing older looking females a little easier now =3 i really want to make sure she looks attractive in my drawings. And doesn't end up looking too young, lol, even if she isn't real haha.

      Yeah^^ She does girly things with me in my daydreams sometimes :) we also skate and 'play fight' with each other, and we get seriously into pokemon stuff together too. Its perfect really. I also like making her do push up races against her lucario time to time xD Its fun to tire that girl out lol

      Yeah, it annoys me that so many people seem to like violence. Even if I like a fighting type gym leader a lot. Which, honestly, helps me cope with other peoples crazyness more. Girly, innocent things just don't seem popular.....and so many people seem to trash talk them and people who like them too.

      Its like people can't have peace in this world or feel happy :/ I felt like making a thread over 'masculinity' in the debates board sometime. It does feel a lot of masculine things just aren't bright or happy to me. All serious and stuff :/ In like a dark way.

      Needless to say, i try not to mind other people so much now. And korrina is a tomboy anyways :3

      Also, i think my love for her also influenced my going with litten on ultra moon. I think its line feel like pokemon she would use a bit to me. Even if none of them are fighting types :P
    11. LadyTriox
      I'd love that^^ thanks. I draw her myself too actually. She looks really pretty in my art =)

      Yeah, they seemed to just done with her after x and y. In a way, though, makes her a little more mysterious to me^^ so i sort of like that she's short lived due to that.

      Thanks for being there for me =) *hug*

      I wonder if you've enjoyed ultra sun/moon too? :3 i like my ultra moon a lot^^ i'm not very far yet, however, i think its a very good game =3 i did launa's chalenge last night
    12. LadyTriox
      Sorry if anything in my profile worried you. I may go look to see what i may of said o.o
    13. LadyTriox
      Oh nonononono you've got me all wrong dear. I'm actually a pretty happy person on average now :) True, i still have moments, i am an aspie, afterall, but i've really been suffering less overall since getting into Korrina. I duno what you read in my profile. however, trust me; i'm a happier person now^^ Thanks for thinking of me though. You are very sweet for that.
    14. LadyTriox
      Oh, i see...i like the pokemon anime^^;;;
    15. LadyTriox
      Hi :3 I like that you're a fan of ash, pikachu, and the pokemon anime :3
    16. Nerdy McNerdface
      Nerdy McNerdface
      Idk why but I really like the gif in your sig. I haven't finished off One Punch Man, but it's a great anime.
    17. 1rkhachatryan
      Hey man, just a heads up. You can't post more then once in a row. You need to wait until someone posts again after you to post again. If you want to quote multiple people at once you click the little plus symbol at the bottom right had corner of the post and then press reply with quote on the final post.
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