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  • You hit a sweet spot asking for a Lugia-themed banner. I adore that legendary.

    Anyway, hope you like the banner, I made it a little extra special.
    I'm practically a spiritual person, so if I find someone that's got a physical disability of any sort, I can hardly imagine myself being able to live with it as well, because having this $%&^ed up brain of mine is bad enough for me...
    Well... I just hope that you keep fighting on against this; The guy that I knew that had MD succumbed it sometime during his freshman year in high school...
    Ever the optimist, are you? I think that anybody that are pessimistic & had this, they'd most likely let it kill them, especially myself, since I sometimes see death as being a reward in & of itself.

    Well, do you know exactly what kind of MD you have? I'm looking it up on Wikipedia & it list several different kinds. Yikes...!
    *cringes* I know what that is, to a degree.

    I knew of someone in my middle school that had Muscular Dystrophy. He couldn't move any part of his body, can't even talk to anyone either. I frankly can't imagine how you can live with that god-awful disease, as I'd rather put a bullet into my skull (or in this case, have someone else kill me,) than to live with that...!
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