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Last Activity:
May 23, 2015
Jul 16, 2011
Likes Received:
In Paradise

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Pokemon Collector, from In Paradise

Cmpukahi was last seen:
May 23, 2015
    1. MooseSmuggler
      Cmp! Dude, how've you been? It's good to hear from ya!
    2. ThejuiceyPorygon
      hey cmp :) ive been getting back into pkmn and wanted to catch up :) hmu !
    3. TrainerChris
      Extroph, Imperium_Emperor, DarkCharizard2 and me. Moose already owns a clan and I'm not sure abou SilverWindsStuduos.
    4. TrainerChris
      You should consider coming back, GVV is coming back, it'd be great to have you again :)
    5. TrainerChris
      Hi cmp :), how's it been?
    6. MooseSmuggler
      Darn, I missed ya :/ Well, I'm always free to be VM'ed. Glad to see you're still alive xD I'm probably gonna be a LOT less active this semester, so I know how you feel.
    7. Cosmic Fury
      Cosmic Fury
      I am doing fairly well...Made an incredibly gimmicky rain team and it works like a charm...:)
    8. Cosmic Fury
      Cosmic Fury
      Hey, how's it been? It's been a long time...:)
    9. Darkrai'sShadow
      That's alright, but if you have the time, you can try to read it. The more reviews, the better. :)
    10. Darkrai'sShadow
      College... I don't have a clue where I want to go xD

      Oh, and did you notice my fanfiction on the clan forum? If you want to submit a character for it, I'll send you the character form.
    11. Darkrai'sShadow
      Yeah, GVV broke up due to internal problems among some of the members. We've split into two clans. One is Rise of the Beasts, and the other is Primus et Ultimus. I'm the Aqua Duplicarius of PeU. Feel free to join if you'd like. :)

      I'm barely managing with my own school work. It's been really tough, but not impossible. How much work do you get?

      Edit: I just saw that you joined. Welcome! :)
    12. MooseSmuggler
      Yeah, we're still going strong xD V and Ex left Khy in charge of theirs, since they're pretty much gone. But yeah, we'd love to have you!
    13. Tyson9182
      Welcome To The Clan Cmpukahi
    14. Jellyfisher
      hey do u like jirachi???

      (better jirachi like i)
    15. Darkrai'sShadow
      Hey there, Cmp. It's been a while :) Is school taking up much of your time?
    16. MooseSmuggler
      Heya Cmp, I'm sure you're a little surprised by the closing of GVV, but I wanted you to know that we split into two clans, one run by me, the other by Ex. Hopefully you'll join one of them and we'll see you around! If not, it's been a pleasure doin' business with ya ^_^
    17. imperiumemperor
      I am glad you joined too! :D Dont worry about inactivity dude :)
    18. Draforce
      sorry cm but i missed you too for a bit D:
      U're still awesome :)
    19. wearjo
      Dude, we gutta get the shop back up and running :0
    20. imperiumemperor
      I missed you man :D GVV is always here ;) We beat ED btw :D Our War Team is now the strongest in serebii, and T3 is next to war us :)

      Unlike T3, were powerful, AND stable, because my members are nice and my co-leaders are the best :D

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