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  • Hey! You're still awake? :)

    Moose said that you have to take the History of the Metagame course to get the Battling Degree. :) So make sure to sign up for that laters. ;)

    ~I know you can do it~

    ~I see your potential~

    also, cmp, sorry but i mistakenly told you that general studies will earn you a place in the army. wrong xD only the Battling degree is accepted in the army :) so good choice ;)
    tell me when you make your decision on the courses :) my classes will be via PM, btw :)

    its gonna be fun, cuz all were gonna do is battle!! :)
    I see. Ok, but we will always be around (unless some nut deletes the clan)! Good luck with the clan you have, they are lucky to have you!
    Yo, dude! If you are looking for a clan, you could try out The Survivalist Clan! They are pretty new, and are doing good for being less than a week old.
    Actually, I might switch to the Assassins guild if Extroph (the leader of the Thieves guild) doesn't post some challenges soon. But I'm glad I could be of help to you. :) And there really aren't any barriers between the different guilds. We're all still friends on equal ground. :)
    Well, there aren't any major differneces exactly. There are just different themes and such. I'm part of the Thieves guild, even though I love the theme of the Assassins guild, but that's just my opinion.

    Imperiumemperor, the leader of the Assassins guild, is very battle oriented. MooseSmuggler, the leader of the Magical guild, isn't as battle oriented. He's been excited about the Vulcan Academy he's been setting up for clan members to learn more about pokemon, pokemon battles, and more. I wouldn't say there's much to differentiate the Thieves and Haunted guilds, though. There are different ranks for all four guild, though. I'm already a Pickpocket in the Thieves guild, but I think all the guilds are good.

    Also, each guild will have challenges that will earn you Guild Points upon completion. The challenges for each guild will vary, though some haven't been decided upon yet.
    Most clans require you to be active as much as possible. My clan does also, but we're a little more lenient. We don't ban inactive members. The most that will happen to you for inactiveness is you'll miss all the fun.

    We used to be a can called the Pokemon Imperium, but we changed clans to make things a little more organized. Our other PI members are still in the transition between the two, so we're not that big yet. We had about 30 members in our last clan. We were small, but all of us were close and we knew each other well. I'd almost call us a small family, of sorts. As I said, many of the members haven't made the tranfer yet, but most will and we already have a bunch signed up, as well as a couple new members not originally from PI. We're steadily growing, but I don't think the size of a clan matters much.
    Clans are basically groups of members who come together to enjoy battles, trading, breeding, and just socializing. You make friends and have a good time.

    I'd ask you to join my clan, Gilde Von Vier, but it's really up to you to choose. In my clan you'll get to know me and Silver, as well as everyone else who joined. :)

    Clans are mostly the same, but some may focus on slighty more different things. Many focus on battling, but breeding and trading are also something you can do with your fellow clan members. One of the main differences between clans, are the themes. Gilde Von Vier means Guild of Four. In other words, there are four guilds. Other clans are based on other themes, and these themes are what make each clan unique in their own way.

    As I said earlier, I'd be happy to welcome you into Gilde Von Vier, but it's not my choice. It's yours. I can't tell you which clan is better because I think they're all great in their own way. Still, you're free to join Gilde Von Vier anytime you want! :)

    Oh, and you can only be a member of one clan at a time, so choose wisely! You can quit a clan if you want to change, though.
    Hi, Cmpukahi! *double checks to make sure I spelled that right* Good, I did. xD
    Anyway, welcome to Serebii.net and I hope you find a good clan you like~ x) Have fun here! :D
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