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  • Chansey in firered is a pain. But you know you can catch them in Daimond, Platinum and Pearl in the Trophy guarden.

    Would you like me to give you a list of people I personally trust for cloning pokemon?
    Awesome. I'm loving the looks of your current team as well! That should take out your Fighting type weakness as well. :>

    Also, when you get the Dw Lucario, can you get it cloned for me. XD; I know this sounds a little like mooching as I purchased my White a hair too early to get it. I can get you some of the events you lacked [DW Togekiss, Shiny Hydragon and Golurk + many others] So please?
    It's fine. I do not have Wifi access as is where I'm at now so it's all good. :> I wish you luck with your teams. :> Also with Vanilluxe, you know it can learn Water Pulse via Snorunt with Water Pulse [4th gen] to deal with Rock types as well. I can breed one up for you if you would like. :>

    As for a 6th fighter, how about Garchomp or Flygon?
    You have Crawdaunt twice. :> Otherwise great idea, Though I never knew Furrothron and Reuniclus had low enough speeds.
    Nice. I was thinking for my Athena [referring to her by nickname because I can nether speak or write the evolutions name for the love of me.] was a Trick Room Team with maybe Cofagirus or Dusknoir, Cresselia, and then three others I haven't decided yet.
    It's fine. :> I liked his set anyways. Speaking of that, your Accelgor was going to learn Mega-Drain and I was unsure if you wanted that necessarily so I exited out of it. Did you want it? If so, I can trade you over a Heart Scale or take him to the Move Tutor myself. :>
    Alright. :> Mewtwo was always one of my earlier gen favorates [that and the movie made me want to hug it. :>] and nice idea.

    Also, the Buizel I have for you is one of my custom ones from an earlier experiment, playing with it's high attack for a water type. He has Slash, Fury Cutter, and Mud slap I believe so I hope you enjoy him.

    Thank you for the chance for me to EV Karrablast and the EM Emolga. :>
    To counter that, you might wanna think about switching out Omastar for ether Vaporeon or Slowbro even, since both work with Surf, are bulky waters, have a recovery move AND Slowbro destroys that specific weakness. Also, you might want to exit and reenter. :>

    I hear ya. I got a really bad case of flu myself after I got my shot so I couldn't hear anything for a good weak or so.

    PS: Nice choice with Gallade. :>
    To be fair, I only know half of that because I'm making some small attempts to RNG on my Black.

    And ya, the Battle Subway is completely rigged unless you have that blasted mole, who's name evades me. :p

    Anyways, I have her done and ready to trade. :> Give me a minute to reenter your FC and I will be in.
    You mean EVs- right? IVs come from breeding and it's parent's IVS :> [ Say you were breeding for a 31 IVed Ralts and you gave the mom her everstone, if the dad has 31 IVs himself, you can force the IV down to the baby with a Power Bracer and etc]
    I should be on the final stretch with her, just needing some more HP EVs [Remind me: NEVER EV with Audinos ever again! ] and then a pinch of Defense IVs.

    And I would love that Emolga breed. :>

    EDIT: In terms of EV training. I always start out small, typically first infecting my trainee with PKRS and attaching the Power item[power items add 4 to your EV total and PKRS doubles it], then heading to my designated training area then working up. The Trainee itself is always at level 1. Hope this helps. :>

    and it might not be so much your EVS as your nature and IVS that might be a problem.
    I am on but I still need to have her EVed so that should take 30 minutes+ so I should have her done by the end of your session.
    This might take a while as I've seemed to have lost both my games [recently bought White for storage of events, freeing up my Black for breeding and possible RNGs ]
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