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    I must say, that's not half bad. Though, I'm wondering what those... "cards" could be. Are they passes?

    Anyway, looking good ^^.

    p.s., though, if you don't mind me saying, had your friend (to your left) dyed their hair blue, it would be slightly more convincing. A suggestion really, as I can barely see "Crystal" there.

    Oh well.

    Yes, they were our con badges. Our friend did dye her hair black but she didnt leave it in long enough we discovered. But oh well. We won an honorable mention in the costume contest
    Well I think the writters are going to give ash a lucario.they keep forshadowing it and it gets a little annoying.I personaly want to see another fight type like a Gallade.Gallade are awsome.plus Ash never had a physic type before.
    Yeah, I do like Lucario, I just don't care that much about it's role in the show. Frankly, it has gotten enough screen time for me (4 episodes back to back). I've already made a huge rant about it in the corresponding episode thread. Check it out. Quite interesting.

    I do find it rather annoying that Lucario tends to get the wrong impression simply because of its movie appearance. I mean, I understand that, and personally prefer it's Brawl debut. I use it second to Pikachu.

    So yeah, that's my preference to ol' Lucario.

    Hey uhmm.....So you like lucario huhh....well i do to infact i think ash should get one.by im not a noob and it wouldn't bother me if he didn't get one.so sup.
    Oh, no, I was just asking. You see, I don't have any Wi-Fi access. Not even at the local library. If I ever do get "wired" though, I'd love to battle you!
    Oh, and on one of the few nights I wasn't on late.

    Hey, do you have the means (or the desire) to battle on Wi-Fi?
    Hello! Just stopping by to say hi, since you haven't had any messages yet.

    Oh, and I did have a question. Where do you get the Japanese episodes from? I've looked around for a while and I'd really rather not use YouTube.
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