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  • Hey Cobalt_Latios, I got to Castelia City in Pokemon Black and already do I have Pokerus.

    What a day!
    Hello. Quick question: since Night Burst's english name is Night Daze, are you going to change your sig? It doesn't matter to me, as I think Night Burst sounds more bad***, but I was just curious.
    It shows no moves. It only shows during the walkthrough what Pokémon you can catch there and what Abilities they can have.

    There is a part II of the guide coming out in April, that has the Pokédex and a lot of strategies. Ive heard from other people on here that there is a collecter's one too, that one does contain the complete Pokédex.
    It's weird but I never seem to talk as much once the games are actually, like, released.

    COMPLETELY UNRELATED but why do you sign your posts with your name

    we aren't blind, and we aren't writing formal letters to one another
    the username is right there
    it is so pointless; most other forums would probably flame you endlessly
    I didn't even notice the change from Burg to Elesa

    pre-release time always boosts my rank so much
    Where did you find this?! That looks, pretty amazing. And uncanny.

    I found it on safebooru. It's has endless pages of fanart there with this picture stuffed among them. Alternatively you just google 'fuuro cannon' and it comes up on the first page.
    I like Leavanny, Volcanora, Carvacosta, Archeops, Seimsotoad, Victini, Kyurem, Serperior, Samurott, Hydreigon, Zoroark, Gothitella, Krookidile, Galvantua and Genesect.

    Any of those that you like?

    Also, I feel like started Prime 3: Corruption on Trilogy, so that I can get a step closer to my goals. I want the really useless ones like the stickers, and even the Mii bobblehead, but mostly, I want the stickers.
    Good, I'm up for a challenge. I didn't say necessarily that Flagarrah was hard. It was just the first boss battle that took the challenge to a higher level. I guess you can call it, "the first surprise boss". I also had a few control issues. Usually I like to shift side to side, and that gets in the way of playing the game.

    Also, as part of a conversational piece, what would you say are your favorite 5th gen Pokemon? (I hope I didn't ask this before.)
    I guess that's good enough then. :p

    That's really not my best joke though. It's just one I came up with.

    Do you know what is strangely entertaining? Mario & Sonic at the Winter Olympic Games: Adventure Tours is actually sort of fun. The Ice Hockey Dream Event is also cool.

    I also beat that darn plant boss in Metroid Prime. I find it the first hard boss. It would have been tons easier if it didn't not the solar panels back, but hey, it's part of the challenge.
    Oh sorry, I didn't mean to completely throw you off there.

    Was it funny though, or just too bizarre?
    Hey I was viewing the official black/White Pokemon thread and saw that u needed an event celebi, I have three legit ones so if you want I could trade you one??? I don't need anything specific, like I'm not out for an awesome shiny or something, I just thought it would b nice :)
    Guy pokes around on the internet, and looks at a link, it says, "Look at Krystal from Starfox in her underpants." He clicks the link, and he gets rickroll'd.

    "Damn it Rick Ashley; quit ruining my furry moments!"

    /end joke
    Oh, I'm sorry, I meant to say that it wasn't that hard, instead of was that hard.

    May I ask your opinion on hacked games? I know that is out of the blue. I might PM my response.
    Well, I S Ranked a boss in Sonic Rush (the scarab) with Blaze. It wasn't that hard though, at least for me.

    Anyways, have you played Sonic 4: Episode 1? If so, for what system, presumably Wii?
    The one that flew in the sky while attacking with the things you can jump on to be able to reach the boss?
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