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  • Was it the Ghost Condor or the Ghost Titan? The former is tricky and the later was just plain frustrating.
    Hi, i just noticed your post in the Black and White Dub title thread and I see it is a prediction. Just so you dont get in trouble by the person in charge of the thread there is a rule that all predicitions/guesses should be put in spolier tags, I just don't want you getting in trouble.
    Sounds like a plan. Actually, despite my user name, I like Blaze more than the psychic hedgehog, Silver. Blaze is definitely a strong protagonist. I just love her.

    The only thing is that while Blaze has been in a couple excellent games, Silver has yet to get a good role in a good game. I feel he should at least be given the chance.

    Also, I completed Sonic Rush Adventure with an A Rank on the final final boss. It is my favorite Sonic game for right now.

    I also defeated the last single player Brawl event on Hard with Snake yesterday. Explosives are very useful.
    Do you know what I want? I wish there would be a Sonic game that completely ditches the Sonic 2006 canon and makes up another story about how Blaze and Silver met while having them playable. Dimps should be behind the game.

    Opinionated? Yes I am!
    Yeah, I can be a tad bit obsessive...

    Otherwise, what are you planning to get for the 3DS.

    I want:
    Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3DS
    Paper Mario 3DS
    Starfox 64 3DS
    Metal Gear Solid 3DS
    Kid Icarus Uprising

    Out of those that have been revealed. There are still others to think about.
    Yes, saved files as in games like WarioWare: Smooth Moves, Super Paper Mario, Wii Sports and the such. The things you can place on your ship that indicate save files from other games.
    Okay, let's say I want the Twilight Princess sticker. Also, I have unlocked the available stickers for Trilogy. If I want the Twilight Princess sticker, can I make a saved file for Twilight Princess and get it even if I have already unlocked the stickers of saved files I do have.

    I want the Twilight Princess sticker, but what if I played Trilogy first?
    Here's the question then:

    If I started a saved file and the bumper stickers were displayed, could I bring another saved file to add to the stickers? For example, I started Trilogy (3: Corruption out of the selectable games) and I have not played Twilight Princess, would the Twilight Princess sticker appear as soon as I get the saved file?
    Hey C_L, I was wondering, do you have Metroid Prime 3/Trilogy? I had a question if you would happen to have the game.
    Don't you even dare mention HP to me. Why can't it know EQ (like the rest of the grass starters) and the bite moves (it is a snake after all)?
    Hey Cobalt_Latios, you missed my equation of why Pokemon Dash is the worse Pokemon game in that thread. ;)
    The only moves I could think of that are useful are Coil and Dragon Tail, the rest are nothing but normal and grass moves from what I've heard, unless I'm missing something here.
    I just don't understand why Snivy and his family are getting some love despite having a terrible movepool in the games that would've destroyed his popularity.
    I think more people live in Prince Edward Island than the three territories combined.

    Anyway, I like the new twists that they put into the anime. Of course, the anime is a reflection of the games, and Iris was probably my favorite gym leader in B/W (though I getting Black so that will be a downer: not fighting her), so I think the personality they put with her is quite adequate. Her Gym Leader title is supposedly, "The Girl That Understands the Heart of Dragons", and that seems to match her anime counterpart well. Also, the perkiness they add to her is pretty good too. If you ever watch Cowboy Beebop, she kind of reminds me of Edward, the girl who was smart but very hyperactive. At least, that is how I perceive her.

    -Psychic Politoed
    Well, let's see what I remember.

    British Colombia
    New Brunswick
    Newfoundland and Labrador
    Prince Edward Island
    Nova Scotia

    10 Provinces and...

    Northwest Territories

    In case you're curious, I live in Texas-land. I'm tired of the conservative agenda, and I would rather vote Gym Leader Clay as governor, than current governor, Rick Perry. :p
    Oh that's right! You live in Canada-land, one of my favorite countries. In fact, I did a paper on it. In a tournament promoting Pokemon Emerald where they divided the US into six regions and made Canada the seventh region for the Frontier Brains, I believe they made Canada, the "Ability Region". Interesting, no?
    A source (of your power), I must learn where that source is. :p

    Well, I've seen about one episode in Japanese (the beginning of the DP saga), and they are really enjoyable to watch. However, I like to understand it personally, so English it is. I want to see what the German dub is like, since I partially understand German. You know, hell rot would be a German phrase for light red. Isn't that just clever of me?

    That aside, I will be eagerly awaiting the next episodes.
    Hello C_L, I have watched the first two dub episodes. I decided to watch them at the early time because that's when I sort of got up.

    That being said, I've really became a fan of Iris. I just like the personality she has. Of course, watching two episodes there is plenty for me to learn.

    From the first two episodes alone though, she does seem a bit savvy to the natural environment. Also, she seems to have a sort of hyperactivity. I don't think the first two episodes, while they have opened her character to the audience, have fully explored her full personality.

    Just the way I perceive it at least.
    I made my list with links to them in the thread, if you want, you can listen to some of them.

    That aside, I'm planning on watching Pokemon tomorrow. I just need to keep my lazy behind up.
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