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  • Greetings dear!!!
    I am very happy to write this mail to you and it gives me great joy and happiness to say hi to you this day. I am interested in creating good relationship with you and if you do not mind, we can be good friends. I hope to tell you more about myself and my family when next i write after hearing back from you. A little about me; My name is Miss linda,20 years old, single and never married. I hope that we can be friends and keep contact with each other if God wishes. Please do emai(lindamahachi@yahoo.com)
    and tell me about yourself so we can build our friendship from there. My approach may also sound strange but i have chosen to make a good partner from outside my country for my own special reasons. If only i will be given a chance and hand of friendship,i will make myself more clearer and you will also reason with me on my decision to contact you. It takes a day to make a friend and i hope you are one i can count on. I am emailing to know if this is a right friend so i will send you my pictures when you respond. Thank you and God bless.(Remember that distance,age or colour does not matter in a real relationship but love matters alot). I am waiting for your reply now!
    my politicain could give a damn. hell, walmart cares more about kids at all more than washington politicains. if anything, they USE children to get votes. ″if you vote for so-and-so than class sizes go up!!″
    those numbers you put in your sig are rather unbeleivable. 50000? I would beleive it if it was Nigeria, where a popular church constantly accuses Children of witchcraft so they hang them, crucify them, toture them, stone them, pour acid all over theyre bodies, and if the country was El slavador, where a large group of terrorists are fighting for the country, and theyve been in constant war.

    i have three shinys that i need for training and battling.they are crobat umbreon and snesle. they are not up for trade!the ones i posted are babys that have just been hachted.the grotle is lv 20 so, you can breed a turtwig with him.they are not shinys, so what do you have to trade?
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