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  • cocoa!! Long time no see! Glad to see you back. Looks like that Kabuto hunt is giving you a hard time but I'm sure you'll get it. :]
    I dunno. It took me forever to find absol and electrike. :/ but then again I found Electrike and sigilyph in the same day (shellder too but I chain fished for him).
    Gotcha. I am going to MM for honedge one day and got a shiny Oddish in a friend safari. I'm going to make oddish into bellossom. I really just want to get this BQ done already! :)
    Lol no problem, but I'm thinking about MMing for a shiny Havest Phantump next but I might RE at Route 5 since I have been doing too much MMing lately lol.
    Well, I have been thinking about starting a hunt on an older gen game, like in Fire Red or SS. Not sure, though, since there's a lot of things I could do at this point. Still, that'll come after my essay.
    Nah, if that was my goal, I'd have been done yesterday, or even Saturday. :p I'm getting close to the end, though, and it's still the first draft, so no panic. Still haven't thought of my next hunt, anyway. I do want to train up Swablu, though.
    Thanks! Yup, not only did I lose one, but I got one just as quick. :p
    I'd have started another hunt by now, but I've been working on a nasty essay lately. Hope to get it done by tomorrow.
    Wow. Well I just got a shiny Ninetales AND Shuppet in a mayest of like 30 min from each other in friend safaris. That means this is my 4th shiny today! Depending on what are on the routes leading up to the 4th and 5th gyms will be a factor on whether or not I chain fish for shellder/skrelp on Route 8 add my next BQ shiny. I have always wanted a shiny Cloyster
    The other pokemon in your safari is Beautifly, just like my RL friend
    I wonder if you'll also have Venomoth when you beat the E4 :p
    I'm in your safari, it is bug type. So far, lots of Paras. So there I was, wondering what the other one is.
    *encounter start*
    "Come on something cool!"
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