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  • Yeah, me too. It's kinda boring here this week though.

    Man, that's so cool lol. In my case, my family is really strict when it comes to our religious practices, which I don't like it years ago, but now, I'm getting into it slowly day by day, which is nice, I think.

    I know that lol. It's just from some who I talked to here that said that in their country, high school there takes 3 years to finish. But, isn't that not enough to enjoy high school? Imo, it's not.
    Sorry. Unusually late reply from me lol.

    Huh? Isn't a bit, you know, awkward (lacking of term) that your family isn't in one religion only? I can imagine how it feels though.

    I'm from the Philippines. 'bout you? Of course it's different there lol. High school here takes 4 years to finish. In other countries, I think only 3 years? I dunno haha
    Oh cool, I'm glad you think so :) Haha being 5'3" is pretty cute though. Coming from a guy, the majority actually prefer girls that are shorter, it makes the hugs better :3
    Thanks! I hope people enjoy talking to me, I try to be as understanding and interesting as possible. That's good that you have some close friends :D
    Awww I'm sorry to hear that :( On the good side, I would never have noticed that you have those sort of problems, and you seem really smart! I hope you've gotten over your depression, I don't want you to have low self esteem when you're so awesome! I know quite a lot of people with autism, which is sort of similar too, and most of them are hardly any different.
    Wow that's some poor luck. I'd be so freaked out if I saw a scorpion in my room D: It seems the places you have lived have worse bug problems than Australia does! Two months? So you just moved, that's awesome! I hope you've settled in well :D I bet you're a great artist, you just need to find your motivation again! Just imagine how you want it to turn out, and the rewards you'll get for finishing it, and it'll be fine :) What's your dA name? I'd love to follow you :D I can show you some of mine if you want! Would you like me to show you via PM? :) I only realised a couple of months ago how to use my scanner, turns out there was a program on my computer for it all along xD
    Haha alright, I'll certainly take your advice :D
    Do you mind if I tell you that via PM too? Not sure if I want randoms seeing my age haha.
    I'm just being supportive :) I used to be short but then I had a growth spurt haha xD
    That's a good point, in real life you barely ever get the opportunity to see how many similarities and differences you have, because the person has already judged you on your appearance and moved on. If you're as nice to other people as you're being to me, a lot of people will want to have long conversations with you c:
    You can tell me that other story if you want, I'm always here to listen. Well, to read xD Hopefully we both do well and get what we want in life. That's not too much to ask.
    Yeah I've never seen a scorpion, luckily! I've seen lots of wasps though haha. You had the scorpions in your own house?! Wow that's unfortunate. You don't have to be nervous! For one, I bet your art is amazing! I have dA too, I've posted some Amour stuff and I've just finished two pieces that I just need to colour. I'd love to see your art!
    Ohh no sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry..... Wow I'm stupid *facepalm*
    So you are 18? That's cool!
    I'm hoping it's only temporary too as I like her long hair, but she's still Serena and I think she'll stay pretty much the same personalitywise.
    Jehovah's Witnesses. 'bout you?

    Hmm. As I recall my own understanding, teenagers don't reach 18 until they're in college. Well that's my understanding ages ago and I still find it hard to shake it off (ehh?). I'm only 17, and when I was still in my senior year I was one of the oldest students. I'm a 1st year college student. And surprisingly, I have a classmate who is still 15.
    No worries, I believe in your talent! :D Aww yeah, what a cute height. I'm 5"11 myself. Good to hear, hopefully you enjoy it as much as I do :)
    Actually a lot of people have told me the same thing, it's easier for them online because they can think before they say stuff, whereas IRL they have to live in the moment. And you're right, that does happen to most people. Oh okay, I understand :) I'm enjoying this conversation, so don't think you have to change anything about it haha. Yeah a lot of people do, I suppose I could but I prefer these long ones. I can't be in more than two long conversations at once though, that's so hard xD
    Exactly! You shouldn't be graded on how other people have done, it should be based solely on your work against the criteria. That's part of the reason I'm afraid, worrying that I'll get scaled down.
    I have never seen a scorpion in my life, so I'm gonna say no. Bugs..... in the rainforest, there's a decent amount, not too many, and not so much everywhere else. I enjoy my alone time too, I draw and listen to music mostly, and watch YouTube videos. BTW, you said you like to draw, do you have a deviantART account? Don't worry, I'm quite shy in real life too xD
    Haha it's all good, it's more the picture that's famous, not the name :p
    Yeah. I bet all the guys are getting in a sneak peek at you ;) Okay, I hate it when I sound as though I'm creepy :/
    Oh okay, that makes sense :) So that means you're about...... 18?
    You play piano? That's awesome! You seem very inspired to become a great musician, I believe you can be one :) So how tall are you? Ukulele is a pretty cool instrument, and I've wanted to play guitar for a while, but I don't really have the time. Radioactive is nothing compared to some of their other songs. I recommend getting their album Night Visions and having a listen, it's amazing.
    You don't seem awkward, why do you think that? xD And yeah, I hate it when people respond like that, it makes me feel as if they don't want to talk to me at all. Glad I have another person to have lengthy conversations with! :3
    Yeah I agree 100% Plus the grading system we have in my area puts a lot of people at a disadvantage, depending on what school you go to, so you might not be able to get into your desired course.
    They are really sweet! Some people call them drop bears and say they jump out of trees and attack you, which is just stupid haha. You rarely ever see the dangerous creatures, and even when you do, it's actually really exhilarating! It's pretty good, the weather is nice and I have a lot of good friends. I just wish I could get out more, I get nervous asking people to hang out haha. The Aussies are really into their sport too, so that's good.
    Snow is some of the most fun things to play in! Although building a snowman isn't as easy as it looks xD If you look up the London Eye, you'll know what it is ;)
    You get changed in front of people without being bothered? I wish I had girl friends like that hahaha xD But yeah, I'm glad you feel that way, sometimes I get afraid that I've come across as creepy or something.
    Oh btw, I realised that high school's in Aus and the US have different categories for students. You have freshman, sophomore, junior and the senior? And then over here we have juniors from yr 8-10 and then seniors yr 11-12. I just finished yr 11, so I hope there isn't any confusion :)
    Just fine, finally got some free time. I'm watching the Gunkata scenes from Equilibrium over and over again XD
    Nah that's 'k. It's normal for me and my fellow members of my religion.

    What? I thought, since you are 18... Ah well forget it lol. Maybe I'm just being stereotypical.
    I suppose the lyrics of screamo is more dark, which would really be understandable to a lot of people. So you're really into music aren't you? Do you want to have a career in it, and do you play an instrument as well as sing? I suppose when it comes to a song for me, it has to be catchy, but the lyrics can't be corny. That's why I love Imagine Dragons, if you've heard of them.
    That didn't make you sound mean at all! It made you sound opinionated, something a lot of people are afraid to show. We've been talking for about an hour and I can already tell you're not someone to be mean to others based on their taste of music :D
    That's all good. If I'm being honest, I prefer conversations like these. I like to learn as much about someone as possible, so I can relate to them more. This might seem weird, but I prefer it when people write 10 page long essays compared to small talk and boring replies like, "Yep." xD
    I think the prices they expect you to pay for Uni and college are extortionate, a lot of smart people can't go because they can't afford it. The future is scary D:
    Yep, some people talk about how koalas are dangerous, they're the complete opposite (most of the time). If you go, I advise going to Queensland (even if that is where the more dangerous stuff is). The weather is nice and humid, you can see the Great Barrier Reef and go snorkelling, see the waterfalls, go to the rainforest and go on river tours to see crocodiles, it's all so amazing. I've been there five times now xD Oh yeah I should have said I live in Australia haha, sorry about that.
    Europe is a really nice continent, so many different cultures and scenery. Oh yeah, that's interesting. Well I moved over to Australia when I was 6, so I remember it pretty well. I can remember playing my first ever soccer game in the snow hahaha xD I never got to go on the London Eye though D:
    No worries! *blushes after realising I've hugged you*
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