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Jun 28, 2010
Apr 9, 2010
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CodeG was last seen:
Jun 28, 2010
    1. CodeG
      Unless it's really an amazing game and it's 100% going somewhere and you have stuff showing it's being made and intend to go all the way... then probably not. :P
      I just don't have the time. Also I've already done paid sprite work freelance so I don't usually do free jobs currently unless I'm really impressed (too many volunteer work went to waste as eventually like 98% of projects die before release).

      So you can show me what you've got so far though honestly I probably won't be volunteering for anybody any time soon.
    2. Kecleoshrew
      Hey, you're a really good spriter ^-^

      WOuld you perhaps be interested in being a spriter for my game?
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