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  • Yeah, that is what I'm trading from. Again, if its not on the list, not legendary, and breedable, I have it. Or the first evolution of it at least.
    Like I said, any non-Lagendary breedable. I not expecting to get legendaries right now unless you want a crappy deal. I would be willing to offer multiple breedables and items for legends.

    Once I restart my Emerald though I will have legends to trade for (Which will be all Emerald legends execpt Lati@s).

    If you don't wanna trade the Ho-Oh for a bunch of breedables and items I'll just trade for normal pokes.

    Anything not on my list that is breedable I'll trade for.
    Okay here's my post. Message me back a list of pokes you want and are willing to sell and we'll do business the next time we're both on.

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