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Recent content by col_serra

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    Pokemon Black and White Speculation/Wishlist

    i want more exploration and more replay value more open world and maybe they could have you playing as say the rival or gang bass ans a child in black and the standard hero in white. this is possible cuz it would boost sails way up also maybe more of a "hardcore gang" like say they bomb a city...
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    New Pokémon Discussion/Speculation Thread

    i hope its a absol or a mightyena evo plus absols since disaster so maybe that may play a part in the movie
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    what was your first level 100

    my charizard from leafgreen and my sceptile from emerald god i wish i didnt lose my pearl
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    New Starter Types?

    maybe we could have it so they pick a starter from another game and it would be random
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    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TeYY0xsuw-M&feature=sub omg! if its 5th gen ill die !
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    What is your ringtone?

    the ringtone from the geico commercial
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    "You really listen to that?"

    i listen to screamo and techno!
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    Your most favorite anime VILLAIN!

    frieza from dbz because frieza had not only killed the entire saiyin race but killed bardock and caused him to never see goku. plus he gave us one of the most climatic battles ever but an emotional sence that one cant for get. 2nd would be cell
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    Virtual Console/WiiWare Discussion

    anyone hear that the dsi may be getting one? http://kotaku.com/5181298/dsi-to-get-virtual-console-for-game-boy-games
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    Songs ♥

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3V0YaS6c7f0 your face
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    Is it on your iPod?

    no. but good song get clean - anarchy club
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    Conspiracy Theories - Area 69 Scares Me

    okay for get the aliens hg well could time travel so he would now what happened in the future and wrote about it
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    A Look To The Future

    i do but i wont die if it happens in 10 years as ill be fighting! or zombies that would be straight up awesome
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    Conspiracy Theories - Area 69 Scares Me

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    Conspiracy Theories - Area 69 Scares Me

    i got the pic http://i222.photobucket.com/albums/dd199/kamaloo/mars-bigfoot1.jpg it look kinda little and green lol