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  • I'm willing to give you my shiny latias,shiny Latios,shiny hydriegon,non shiny zekrom all holding life orbs for 40 shinies
    Not a problem - I'm good for bouncing ideas.I tend avoid OU as much as possible because it keeps things interesting.
    Happy to assist whenever :)
    I'd happily be your training partner - it's a shame my activity's going to plummet over the next few months though :/
    When I'm on top of everything,I'll see what I can do :)
    yeah sorry i haven't had a chance to clone it yet...i have been busy lately i should get a clone like either today or tommorow...
    okay MOL/Erik said its alright ill have charizard clone a copy for you :) I plan on rnging my own as well so i tell you that it will be completely legal when it comes from my trainer id's XD only when i can catch him though for the clone >.>
    hahaha yeah and no problem and nah if you want to give me dwf if you want that is fine its not nessary though im just doing it out of my kindness of my heart...Ill ask MOL for you...
    hey cold my friend i see your looking for a shiny latias i have one actually let me ask MOL if its okay to clone it cuaz he was the one that gave it to me...its flawless and its already ev trained and it timid and has roar,dragon pulse,recover and calm mind set...I don't care what that lord guy says if he thinks im poaching then so be it which im not your in my guild and my friend...I like to help ;) its legal as well...long story though that guy was really rude to me and i have nothing against him just I dislike what he does...
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