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  • Just checked the events page, and there was a Groudon/Kyogre event in 2012, only in Japan. It was to celebrate the 10th anniversary of R/S, so looks like they did do something. Yeah, B2/W2 is the reason I'm just waiting to see what news we get on new games.

    It's not so much thread stalking as it is checking out a thread just because a mod posted in it, regardless of who the mod is. Like their opinion is more interesting or something. Though I did come to the realization some time ago that there are people who like my opinions and recognize my posts, so I guess there's some of that. But yeah, things don't seem to be overwhelming yet.
    I'm sure they did something, but I don't remember what it was. Might have been an event in Japan, actually, but I could be wrong.

    A lot of people don't realize that mods are still people too. Some people get intimidated when a certain mod posts, or they view them like they're suddenly right every time they post something and look at a thread just because the mod posted in it. Hm, I got that a lot too, but I still didn't think it was so obvious that I'd be a mod. I'd assume that something about me fits, though, otherwise I wouldn't have been asked to do this.
    Yeah, I'm sure they'll do it someday. It's too much of a profit to ignore it, I think. Considering the huge gap in generations, it would probably be a good idea, too.

    I'm not surprised, honestly. I'm sure a lot of them felt like it would be cool to get to know the guy who was just a regular member a few days before. Apparently some people had a feeling I'd be a mod someday, but I definitely didn't think so myself.
    You can, but you don't have to. That's just if you want to clear the higher level missions. Yeah, I'm sure it will go on as long as they want it to. And I'll probably continue to play them as long as that is.

    Nah, the fascination with speaking to the new mod kinda calmed down after this last week. I get VM's less often, though I do still get quite a few to look at every morning.
    Yeah, it's pretty awesome if you do the missions well. And not really , a number of them are aware of what goes on in Pokemon to an extent, and some are former fans players, but none of them are avid fans anymore like I am. But that's what the Pokemon Club on our campus is for.

    Yeah, it is kinda weird, and almost surreal in a way, but I'm getting used to the change much faster than I thought I would. I also don't get a constant stream of 10 VM's all the time anymore, which is nice.
    Yeah, it's actually very boring to increase to levels a lot, but just getting items is easy. I got 40+ Heart Scales in one mission. I've heard people say the same about it. I only know what others have said about the playthrough. Even people on my dorm floor have asked me about it.

    Yeah, thanks! Trust me, it's still weird seeing that color on my name.
    Hm, that still must get a bit annoying to listen to from time to time.

    Yeah, you get a crazy amount of good items from them like Shards and Heart Scales too. I've looked at that playthrough a few times in the last few days, but I can't find any interest in watching that.
    Yeah, at least there's that to be proud of. But what, are they trying to make you all compete with the likes of Stanford or something?

    Get Black and White level 30 for Funfest Missions (which takes forever) and beat the Champions tourney in the PWT. X/Y downgraded on the achievements, though.
    No problem! I actually like talking alot it gives me a good discussion! Really? I can only consecutive fish! The poke radar hates me too! I hate when people bad mouth 5th gen! I really like it, its cute and fun. (if that makes sense)
    Oh, that's tough. I mean, it's always good to aim high, but not if the education system doesn't put the effort into reaching those goals.

    Pokestar Studios is one of the famous tranier card achievements you have in Pokemon games. For completing all movies, you get a color change on the trainer card. I always try to get them all, so that's the reason I actually did it all.
    WOW. I remember I tried it once and I got confused and kinda gave up I'm usually bad at technique things in pokemon, the only I got a hang of was shiny chaining! Makes sense, I always got that vibe from him during the game.
    Your really cool to talk to, I use to talk a lot to people and the conversation would end easily, but your good at holding one.
    Well, I can definitely see why it would be an issue here, where standards for math classes are pretty high. I don't know if most places would do something like that to teachers very often.

    I don't know, but it wasn't too high of a playtime by my standards, until Pokestar Studios came around.
    I've tried to Rng and I got super confused haha. That's a good idea actually, and I have to agree reshiram seems more peaceful like N!
    Unfortuntely, that makes lectures really boring, but it is nice having freedom in my schedule. And no, he's not fired. I'm not exactly sure, but he doesn't teach that class anymore, apparently.

    Yeah, for seeing everything in the Unova Dex, you could go to a place with a stationary shiny Haxorus, like the Red Gyarados. And yeah, Black City and White Forest had this huge tower that you could battle in, with trainers reaching level 80 (85 on Challenge Mode). In Black 2, Black Tower gets you a shiny Gible at the end, and White 2 White Treehollow gets you a Dratini. Doing the Black Tower in White 2 won't let you get Gible, though.
    Yeah, there's a reason I don't take notes very often. I've considered not going to math lectures anymore because of that, since the professor teaches by the book. But my schedule works better if I just go to lectures anyway. My professor last semester who didn't give homework was a favorite, but then he got in trouble with the math department since the class ended up being too easy, apparently.

    I'm sure at this point, the load from Japanese users has gone away, so there's really not a reason to not release it this week. They really should do it. And yeah, it's an accepted way of referring to both of them, since it kinda fits both letters in one symbol. You really missed out on the PWT and the free shinies, then. I'd definitely go back to it at some point.
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