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  • I actually have homework this semester, so I don't have to time to spend all day on games. That's okay, though. I actually like having work, so that I know what I'm doing.

    Either way, they should get it to us this week. Any later is kinda ridiculous, since we're already a month late with the Bank. And yeah, Mesprit, Cresselia and Lati@s are stationary legendaries in B2/W2. Gameplay-wise, B2/W2 has the best post-game, in my opinion.
    My day needs no structure. Video games all day for me! Pretty good so far. The only boring lecture is math, but that's okay because I like the discussion section a lot.

    I hope we don't end up waiting much longer, though. We don't need another week of waiting. I'm still going for Tornadus, but I'm not counting at all. It would be nice to get it before the Bank, but I don't mind if it doesn't, since I just want the Bank. I'm glad B2/W2 gave us 3/4 would-be roamers as stationary legendaries.
    That happened to me too! Except I bought both to like make myself feel better like I'm not missing anything. Yeah it would be just kinda odd.
    I appreciate the good parts of both, and to me, being on break without too much of a concern is just great. At the same time, I have homework due on Tuesday, the first day of class, and I still can't do it until I go to campus tomorrow and buy the book (or better, hopefully as a floor mate to borrow the book for a bit).

    Yeah, really, there's really no excuse at this point for us not knowing anything about the Bank's release date at this point. I find it odd that Deoxys-D wasn't put in Ubers during BW until later. Yeah, Doubles is a totally different game than Singles is. Even with 3v3 and 6v6, singles itself are very different. I still haven't done much shiny hunting in awhile, though. I hope to do some more of that soon.
    Haha I sometimes hate version exclusives because you might like the legendary in one game but like another pokemon in the other, but I can understand they do that to make it unique, and stuff.
    I just like my math without having to defend why the answer is true. And yeah, I'll be seeing a lot of that view when I go back next week. I kinda don't want to start the semester just yet, but I know it will be great.

    Yeah, the main games give you a lot of freedom when it comes to what you can do with them. Side games are still fun, but yeah, there's not much else you can do with side games other than play them the normal way. Cresselia is very bulky and wall-ish. It can support while doing that, and that's what makes it such a threat. Psychic may not be the best defensive type around, but Cresselia makes up for it with moves and stats.
    Yeah thats true. Actually I just think its pokemon like plusle in one and minun in the other, I can't remember.
    Yeah, was it because of the proofs? My Calculus class last semester was almost all proofs. I know that view well, too, though. There's a parking lot right across the street. :p

    I usually get bored before it gets interesting, but I've enjoyed a few here and there. I've done a ton of monotype challenges in the past, and those were fun too. There's lots of ways to play Pokemon. And yeah, Cresselia is kinda low tier in Singles, but you haven't seen the worst of Doubles until you fight a Cresselia without a Dark, Ghost or Bug move for it. It's terrible to fight one of those in Doubles.
    Yeah, sometimes we get windy rain, but thunder is uncommon. And not really, I just like math, so I'm going from there. And yeah, I can only barely see it from my dorm room, but it's great.

    Yeah, not your kid, so it's not your problem. His parents can deal with any consequences if something ever happens, after all.

    It was unexpected, seeing as it was my first Pokemon to go down in that run. Yeah, I'm sure most people expected it to happen, but I'm glad it didn't. Just as bad would have been Fairy Cresselia. Cresselia does get Moonblast, though, so that's enough of a boost for it.
    We never get thunder, so our storms aren't usually exciting. Yeah, I'll have to do some searching to figure out what I want to do with math as well, but no rush. And yeah, even though my college is a 2-3 hour drive from home, it's a totally different place here. Being within sight of the ocean is really different.

    Yeah, it may be too soon to say that about him, especially if he has so much sugar. Not that I know anything about medicine either.

    I used a Joltik in a Nuzlocke once, but it got OHKO'ed shortly after I left Chargestone Cave. It was awful. And there are plenty of Pokemon in the Dragon egg group that aren't Dragon type, so I don't think Fairy needs to be any different. Raichu, Breloom, Glalie, they're all in the Fairy egg group too. That, and Fairy Blissey would be the most terrible thing to fight.
    The worst weather we get that I like is heavy rain. Add wind, and it's not fun anymore unless I'm inside all day. I'm majoring in Applied Math, and I have no idea where I'm going with that either, so I know how you feel. I'm sure there will be something you like somewhere, but you don't have to rush to figure it out now, right? I don't see myself going to study abroad, though. I'm fine staying within the state.

    Hm, yeah, that's definitely new to me. I guess if he's 11, I can see why he wouldn't understand it. Kids at that age seem to be all over the place, almost bipolar, really.

    Not so much, he was more common in lower tiers like RU, but he was interesting regardless. Yeah, Mr. Mime being Fairy type while others aren't really annoys some people, I'm sure. Though for one, I'm so glad Blissey didn't become Fairy type.
    That's good. I've never even seen one in real life, but it's definitely not any fun, I'm sure. Do you already have ideas of what kind of college you're going to go to afterwards? Going out of state was definitely not an option for me, I really didn't want to go too far for college.

    That's really weird. Do you ever see your teacher or other students in person? Oh, that must get annoying at times. Being honest is a good thing, but there's not always a good time to say some things. Is he a younger kid?

    Yeah, it's really nice, and it's worth using him for. I'm mostly used to the Fairy types now, but I'm sure nobody expected to see Mr. Mime become a Fairy type. That one was a surprise when I had my Dunsparce use Bite on one.
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