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  • Ah, okay. So tornadoes aren't all that common, then? That must have been an interesting experience, for lack of a better word. Now at college, an earthquake is more common, but the only one I've felt there was so small, I thought it was the guys next door doing something stupid. Yeah, that's...some people can be so ignorant it's ridiculous. That's one way to annoy two fandoms at once, that's for sure.

    Wow, that's really weird. I didn't actually know classes like that existed. What a thoughtful cousin. At least he's honest?

    It's a new move, and he's the only one you'll see using it aside from maybe Smeargle. It's like Spikes, only when the opponent switches in, their speed goes down one stage. It's really an awesome move.
    Oh, wow. We never get any bad weather around here. The worst we get is earthquakes, but a serious one, let alone one you can feel, is very rare. There were people like that in high school for me too, but it was always the kids playing old games, so it wasn't the same. That kid is definitely cool for that. Pokemon was a bit more accepted at my school, and one reason was because I played it. I had a lot of people's respect at the end of senior year and people learned quickly that I played Pokemon. Naturally, some people became more okay with it as a result. It wasn't anything overwhelming, but it was cool.

    Ah, that's weird to me. I've never taken an online class. Ah, well having B/W and later is better than only having old games, at least. Kinda makes you feel a bit old, though.

    I'm actually working on one, and so far, I've got a Galvantula I'm going to train, because of how fun Sticky Web can be.
    Yeah, it's kind of a small group, but it's cool. No clubs, though? Wow, our school has more clubs than I could ever name. By most of the games, does he mean old ones? Because that doesn't count. :p

    Exactly, I tend to MM now when I want a competitively viable Pokemon to use, since it's so much easier to get a good IV Pokemon now.
    Aw, yeah, I have my brother who plays it a bit, then my college has a Pokemon Club, so I'm part of that too.

    I usually SR my game if a chain fails, just so the Repels don't go to waste. I always buy about 150 Super Repels, though, since I'm bound to run through at least half of those. And yeah, the Radar is also somewhat limited in where you can use it, so I'm less likely to bother with it anyway. I'm just not a big fan of the Radar in general this time around. If I want an easy hunt, I'll go horde hunting.
    Yeah I know, I've seen some clips from Colosseum and it looks interesting. Oh, Mystery dungeon is super fun! The easiest in Gates to infinity but the one with the longest story line is explorers of darkness/time/sky
    I know the reason I joined was because a friend I know was a member here and wanted me to join. He's long gone, but I'm not going anytime soon, that's for sure.

    Yeah, and since the parents had great IV's, it ended up with a near perfect spread, so it was worth it for Torchic. And yeah, there's lots of new things to help out, especially with breeding. As cool as Super Training is, though, I've found normal EV training took about the same amount of time. Horde battles, on the other hand, make EV training so easy it's ridiculous. I used to use the Radar in 4th Gen, but I don't think I'll bother with it this time. If I want a random shiny, I'll just do some normal encounters with my shiny charm. :p
    Yeah, though at the same time, I'm sure a lot of people check around the forums without ever being a member.

    Yeah, we still didn't know the odds had actually changed (well, there was no proof then), and when we learned they doubled it, I was already at about 2200 eggs hatched, so that was definitely frustrating. At least there are ways to speed up the process for friendship evolutions now.
    Ah, okay. Yeah, I'm sure some of the members that have been here years back didn't always stick around here the whole time either. I guess that's bound to happen with forums as big as these.

    Yeah, I've gotten two totally random shinies in Y, but one of my worst hunts has actually been an MM hunt for Torchic. Despite those crazy odds, it took almost 3000 eggs for me to get one, and that now stands as my longest MM hunt, ironically. I got Y back on release day, and because of it, I have over 500 hours on it already. Friendship evolutions always were the worst, though.
    My old name? I went with "gustavo 14," which sounded kinda dull to me even when I joined. I just couldn't think of anything back then. And I'm sure I've mentioned both. I could be wrong. Yeah, it's interesting how people can come and go and come again, even people from years back.

    I think it's Martin Luther King Jr. Day on that day. And yeah, I've gotten some great luck with SR shinies more recently, so I imagine this one might be awhile. It's definitely a lot more dull than other hunting methods, though, especially with the new MM odds. I've got everything that's not a legendary sitting in Y now, thanks to the GTS. I've also dex traded legendaries around there, so even though I don't have them, my Pokedex is marked as complete. I just can't wait until I can get my shinies and stuff sent over.
    Ah yeah, probably doesn't help that I think I've changed my avatar since then as well. And yeah, I thought of this Golden Sun inspired name about a month or so before the name change thread opened, so I took advantage of that. It's weird to think I've been here so long, though. And that this is nothing compared to some of the other members around here.

    Ah, I don't go back until the 21st, which is a Tuesday because of a holiday. First semester went by so quickly. I've done a ton of stuff in Y, but now I'm hunting for a shiny Tornadus in Black while waiting for the Pokemon Bank to come out.
    Oh, hey, it's been awhile. Yeah, it's fine. I got a name change since I decided I actually wanted something unique. I've been here the whole time, myself. Things have been great, still on my winter break for about a week and a half more, so it's been a ton of video games for me.
    Haha there is actually three , pokemon ranger, pokemon ranger shadows of almia and pokemon ranger guardian signs. I have them all I'm kinda obsessed with spin-off games :X
    Can't send you any more messages. It says your inbox is full. Just in case you thought I was being rude and not replying ha.
    Yeah, instead of poliwhirl I moved to another spot and got a shiny alomomola, then yesterday i got a shiny bascuiln and remoraid, I got super lucky.
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