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  • Hahaha, she's HILARIOUS! "You're Welcome~" - Whenever she says that, it makes me laugh. EVERY TIME! XDD
    Eh, I'm not really attracted to either of them - I don't think they're ugly, but y'know... whatever, boys are boys. Yeah... people think I'm weird for not judging everybody I see on a show. :3
    Most of your friends watch it? I think I love them - get their favourite character for me. Mine's a tie between Daryl and Hershall. :p

    You do? Judging by everything you like, you have AWESOME taste! I love "Chasing Cars" by Snow Patrol - makes me feel really calm and relaxed. Taylor Swift... actually, as embarrassing as it sounds, my Grandma actually got me interested in her when she gave me an album and told me I'd like it. OMG, Numb!! *^* I LOVE that song. I also like "In The End", "Breaking The Habit", "Faint" and, sometimes when I'm in a bad mood, I blast "Given Up" for the lulz. XD Lucky Strike is epic, as is One More Night. Oooh, another band I forgot was The Script - Breakeven and their new song, Six Degrees Of Separation gets me every time... but it's such a pretty song. x3

    Okie dokie - sleep well! I'll watch Mentalist while you do that! :p
    Woops, sorry for the late reply! Had to get my lunch. XD
    Oooh, that's awesome - walking to and from my house for school takes about an hour, so it's two hours everyday, but sometimes I'm forced to take the bus. :/ But whenever I can walk it, I do. ^_^
    Awkward makes me laugh so hard though! I don't know which one of the guys I like better - Jake or Matty, but Tamara is hilarious and Ricky is that guy you'd love to punch. Jenna kinda reminds me of me, with the whole blog thing too. XD
    It's a shame you can't stomach Walking Dead - it's got a BRILLIANT plot-line aside from all the blood and gore and such. I quite enjoy it because I just visualise it as a bit of fun, y'know? Something not to be taken seriously.

    Oooh, awesome! I love to play guitar, and can play quite a few songs. Right now I'm learning "Hey There Delilah" - it's a really pretty song. x3
    Are you? I rather enjoy it - it sounds sad, but I actually have really lonnnng discussions with my mom and we normally enter debates too, haha. Me and my mom are pretty close too. x3
    Oh? What music do you like? I adore Owl City, Maroon Five, and then all the typical girl stuff like Taylor Swift, Avril Lavigne, y'know, that sorta stuff? I like Linkin Park too. What about you? >U<
    I have W2, and as much as I would want to, I can't battle, as my Wifi doesn't work.
    Ah, that is a little upsetting. :s

    Wow, we're total opposites in the TV factor - I DESPISE TV! It really annoys me and often makes me have headaches and other pains... but I still watch the odd thing on the computer. Never on the TV though. Hate it. :/
    Digimon... I never cared for it much, but my friend is very much into it, though he still prefers Pokemon, haha. :)

    Well, I'm into writing and playing guitar, music, singing, drawing... they're all my hobbies. As well as debating - I don't like arguing, but I enjoy giving my views and comparing them to somebody else's. I also love to walk. x3

    As for shows... I only like a couple. I like The Walking Dead (a zombie thing as you probably guessed, hehe), The Mentalist (Which I just discovered a couple of days ago, but already feel in love with the charm of the show) and Awkward. And I've stopped watching Awkward for now because I'm waiting for the new season... so really I'm just hanging on it. XDD

    See, not even Pokemon... I never watch it any more. Funny thing is, I tried to watch a DP episode the other day - I couldn't do it, BUT I didn't feel nearly as bored as with BW. Maybe it's just Cilan that irks me, I don't know. XD
    Meh, they changed pretty much everyones teams in PWT. even the in-game Gym Leaders.
    But as long as he use Metagross, I frankly don't care
    Hehehe, no problem. I was just teasing you - it's fun sometimes. xP
    Haha, good point. XD

    So, what else are you into, other than Pokemon? Hobbies? Shows? Other animes? :3
    No, they replaced steven with Wallace, the RS 8th gym leader.
    Now, this is what I like to see:
    Nah, why wouldn't it be ok? It's a whole bunch of fun! ^_^

    So, are you confused by the forums yet? :p XD

    You can blame my awesome mood on pineapple. It ALWAYS makes me super hyperly happy. XD
    Yeah, I love Colress' lab coat! lab coats are sexy. lol
    Steven is my favourite Champion. it's a shame he was forgotten so quickly.
    Imo, he looks kinda gay with his blue hair-thingy. (no offence to anyone. people usually get mad when I say that)
    I didn't quite like his hair, no. But he's about 345978623765 times sexier than the other scientists in the games.
    And he use Stel-Types, and I like them Steel-Types
    Hehehe, sorry about the late reply - siblings are a pain, y'know? xD
    Obviously it does. ;)
    Hehehe, thanks! Me and my friend are trying to get loads of people to use it so that there's a new "trend" on the internet, haha. XDD

    Another picture is cute. I quite like that character. :3
    I see. Heheh... Cute Colress.. used him as avatar before switching to Jasmine.
    Yeah, if you're in the Breeding club, you'll feel associated anyways. lol No doubt the weirdest club around
    that was a lot of colours... Welcome to the forums, seeing you're quite new here!
    Pretty signature !!
    Awesome! Hehehe, I like that picture-thingy too - it amuses me. XD

    Ah, I see - well good luck with it. Though I'm on a Pokemon Forum, I'm not actually interested in Pokemon any more. I have a soft spot for Pikachu, Buizel, Aipom and Chili, but that's it. :/
    Oh, as for how I am, I'm awesome! Y'know, I use colours for a reason; this may help you a little for any future conversations:

    Red: Angry.
    Yellow: Excited, overly happy.
    Green: Normal, neutral mood.
    Blue: Sad/Calm - the latter can be determined through smilies.
    Orange: Awkward/ Quirky.
    White: Fear
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