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  • Re, BOTW shaping up to be the best Zelda game ever: ikr? You get a dog in it. I mean, among other things (including classic Zelda-ness). But dog.

    Otherwise, word to all of these. Luckily with Pokémon, rumors are going around about Stars, so there's that at least! 8D But mostly, aww yeah, Splatoon. I missed the boat on the original (because lmao couldn't get a WiiU), but I would so be down for a Switch Splatoon. There is also no such thing as getting carried away by next gen excitement. 8D 8D 8D
    Funnily enough, your VM encouraged me to get off my tail and start working on the next chapter again. XD So thank you!

    As for the Switch, word. Especially since the new LoZ game looks so dang good. (I know it's for the WiiU too, but let's face it. This is totally an excuse to get a Switch. 8D)
    Ah, thank you! :D I'm really glad you enjoy it, and rest assured, I have shenanigans planned for this fic. ;D
    I already have all of Sonic Colors's music but yeah. There's no Mother music either and I'm still upset that they cut the awesome Brinstar remix from Melee in half. That and Fourside's music are my favorites from that! (Let's not even mention how they butchered the DK Rap...)
    So do I and some of the selections are a bit questionable. Why only pick things from Brawl for Yoshi? The Woolly World song could've been in there! Why have all three Pac-Man songs (which are still great, don't get me wrong) when there coulda been some of those amazing Mega Man remixes? Or even the ONE Sonic remix?
    Or, y'know just download the Japanese version. :V But it's Atlus, they're good at localizing their own stuff.
    Speaking of songs! Music swapping is becoming a thing for Smash 4!
    Screw masculinity, I want the pink one! Closest to being red.
    I was kinda lukewarm on the trailer at first because I was one of the many who thought it was something else, but GameXplain's analysis got me that hype. Dat song too.
    I liked Canvas Curse so I'll probably like this one. Recently replayed it too.

    SO READY for that! ...In 2016 X( Hoshido then Nohr!
    Also ready for Woolly World but US doesn't have a concrete release, yet Europe does.

    And Xenoblade X came out in Japan! And I've yet to touch Wonderful 101!
    Still floundering about in college, worrying if I'll go through into the graphic design track. But no time for that! Going home for the summer this Sunday.
    What about you?
    Yup... phew... It's okay if it is just commas >.< At first I used an application with no autocorrect, so that is why there aren't many in the first chapters. My later are in Word, so they are definitely better. :) Yeah... my vision for the story was to be as epic as it could be :D Again, thank you for your feedback. I will try to become as better as I can be :D the next one will be uploaded very soon :)
    Thank you so much for your kind words. I'm so proud that people are actually having fun because my work. That was the reason I made it in the first place. A great reason to continue writing. I hope you continue to be part of this until the end.

    p.s. I am also working on another project - fanfic. It will be asking to the question: "What if the avatar woke up in the dire and dark future, the one that Lucina and the children came from?"

    last but not least... I got a question myself. "What do you mean by grammar errors?"
    If you're using the Insert Image button, make sure the box that says "Retrieve remote file and reference locally" is checked Off. It wont work for some reason otherwise
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