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  • well last night it was freakin stormin and the news said there was a 70% chance of rain and im like okay well i should make sure to get my coat.after i get dressed i walk outside and i rains for a little bit then just suddenly stops and the sun comes out while it still have on my coat!
    Dammit I am seriously considering on getting 5th gen and I blame you for that lol. The one pokemon that I would like to have is Krookodile lol.
    I have not seen any gamefly commericals but to be fair I never pay attention to commericals. I know it sells in the states but I woulda thought 5th gen won't sell has well compared to the others or you got a lot of kids and newbies lol.
    Gamefly? It sure feels like you are defending Americans lol. black & white sell there? weird must be newbies. In Canada they do not sell the only people who buy them are newbies lol the shelves are always full for them.
    Do you work for them? I had my mind up to never buy them and now I am considering it which I dislike lol. I ask you who doesn't try to make fun of Americans when ever the opportunity should a rise?
    Man you are a buzz kill on my funny. It is there fault for trying to Americanize it who knows maybe they brought in some Americans to give their in-put on it to help Americanize it lol.
    Wait new york really? So your saying I could think of them has American pokemon lol right? That must be why it is so wrong the Americans messed it up lol.
    Thats just it the camera angles are too different trying to make it to I dunno space agy or something it is just wrong.
    Well I am one of those fans lol. I saw a preview for the game on tv and the guy walking around the city (too different) and I saw a part where he has to jump on a spinning wheel to get some where? I thought that was too out there. All the pokemon I've seen are just wrong.
    Pretty good, I'm Co-Owner for a Club called "ULPC" A.k.a. Un-Loved pokemon Club! If you like Unloved pokemon, you should join.
    In my opinion 4th gen is pushing it on being too different from the previous gens but from what I have seen of 5th gen it cannot see the line because that is how far it has crossed it. Especially the starters
    I like your line-up and I do not like most that I've seen on this site. I am assuming that samurott is 5th gen? I don't plan on going passed 4th gen.
    Yeah man Magmortar is the bomb my favorite fire type for sure. If you had a line-up of 6 for a battle who would they be?
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