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  • I just came here to say, having read it, I hate Treasure Island. I understand that the problem is how thoroughly it's been copied by every pirate movie, but I still hate the book. On the other hand, I really like Moby-Dick.
    That's what I've heard! The only rub for me is that I've never been a fan of the Muppets.
    Did you not watch them as a kid? Cuz I don't know any children who hated the Muppets when they were little.
    I did, but it never really clicked with me like it did with other kids. Just weren't interested in them, really.
    Thanks, it's nice to meet you. ^_^ I don't feel very welcome here though, one member has already made false rumors about me just because I didn't respond to their visitor message right away. >.>
    You’re supposed to count my question since you can guess the Pokémon even if it’s the first question (people have guessed the Pokémon right on the first try lol). :p
    Thanks, man! Glad you love them! XD I went for colors in the blue-indigo-purple family for Siri because they look good with ashen brown hair, and also have this vibe of intelligence. XD I made sure that her Pegasus Knight outfit emphasizes that she is attractive (all the 4 girls in the RP are attractive), while her Outlaw outfit looks cool rather than ridiculous...my mind immediately went "not a dress" on that, so I made sure to go with a pants outfit. I intended for the look to lean towards an "Adventurer" promotion. XD
    Preliminary looks for Siri! XD


    Sky Knights really do wear dresses, so that's to be expected. I love that Sky Knight clothes are inherently kinda cute, yet allow Siri to actually look her age! I also kept the traditional avian/feather hair accessory theme and gave her one. XD Her lance is infused with Thunder magic, so excuse the yellow color. XD For her Outlaw look...the usual Outlaw wears a dress, stockings, a coin/chain style belt and the weirdest shoes that look like rain boots. I went for a vest, sash and striped pants for her instead...less ridiculous boots too. The eyepatch has that "third eye" to kinda hint that she has magical powers lol. XD

    I don't know what Siri's color scheme really is, so I kinda went out on a limb. These can be changed, so tell me if you want me to alter some parts or change the color scheme! <3
    Gah I'm sorry that happened to you. Hopefully she didn't get intimidated too much and hopefully she's OK. ;-;

    Nice post in the RP by the way! :D
    You're welcome! Schoolwork comes first so I understand why you waited until later in the week! :)

    I have three dogs and I love each of them to bits is all so I almost teared up on that part. .__.
    The dog part was painful to read (;___;) but other than that it looks great! You may now post at your own leisure!
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