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  • And why would I kill you, man? :p C'mon, I'm one of the sweetest, nicest people on here! XD I'm just pretty glad she's an offensive magic user at all! Looks intelligent too, to contrast Book Dumb Sylvia! I mean...Siri is intelligent, right? She's a Tome wielder after all. XD Plus, at least there's now one other character who can try to teach Sylvia how to read better, as the only other option is Tim...and offensive magic is a lot less vexing than healing magic for the tough, violent Sylvia who doesn't have a gentle bone in her body. XD

    What are Siri's alternate class options? I enjoy designing looks, especially RPG-themed ones, and this won't be an exception. :p Wanna go with Outlaw for one of them? XD
    Nah, skills aren't in this. For this being my first RP, I did not want this RP to be super complex like an actual FE game (but wanted to implement a few basic things). .__. Can't wait to see your SU soon!
    Ah I see! Well hopefully you did well on them and hopefully you enjoy more free time too! :D
    Psst...I noticed that we lack a real offensive magic user on FE. Tim's the only magic user and he's a healing sort (Troubadour). >.< It would be cool if we had...a Diviner or Dark Mage sort. XD
    Because I'm friendly and stuff, I'll wait until you finish your SU before I post the Intro (it's ready but thought I'd not pressure you)! You have a week like everyone else but no rush! ^^;
    No problem. :) I've got finals coming up as well, and lemme tell you: it's been one rough semester. I'm doing alright...besides college mostly. :p

    As for the fire emblem rp, I hope so!
    Hey Comestarlight. It's been awhile. I was wondering...what website do you use to make an avatar for an rp character, since the gaia maker doesn't seem to be working and hasn't for awhile? I'm trying to get back into rping here. Sorry for the random question, but I wasn't sure who to ask.
    I am honestly shocked it filled up this fast. .___.

    But thanks for your kind words! If anyone does drop out, I'll let you know!
    I've been alright! I've been working on a Fire Emblem RP for a bit for this place!

    Hope the rest of your semester goes well! :D
    Yeah and it's already at 600-ish CP! Hopefully you get your own Bayleef soon! :)

    Yesterday I just caught a Murkrow. :p
    Got excited because I saw a Hoothoot within catching range (it's one of my favorites). I caught it and it turned out to be a Ditto. Not gonna lie, part of me is disappointed, but the other half is telling me, 'what's wrong? You got a freaking Ditto. Get over it.' XD
    This happened to me as well today! Only that it was a Sentret instead. :p

    I also got a Bayleef too! :D
    Okie dokie then. I'm sure they won't mind. I'll send you a recap through PM anyway just in case you need it, if you don't mind.
    Hiya Comet. It's nice to see you're active again. Do you still wanna be in Mythos? I can give a recap if needed. If not, I'll remove your character from my cast list.
    You're welcome! Thank you for not only helping me evolve my Slowpoke but helping me save time on finding a Prism Scale! :D
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