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  • I think it's my fault on my end. Weird because I was able to WT just find earlier. .__.;;
    Yeah I do have one other request! Do you think you could me evolve my Slowpoke? Or if you already have one, perhaps I could trade my Porygon2 (which will evolve) for it and then we could trade them back to each other perhaps?
    And now I realize that instead of wasting two hours in the early morning typing up an entire preliminary SU, I could have just asked to reserve a spot. .__. But thank you for all of your kind words and hopefully we'll have fun with this RP!

    Also couldn't help but notice this:

    Just looking for Porygon 2 and Porygon-Z for the dex. I don't need to keep them. I do have most Pokemon from the Alolan dex so I may be able to help with your dex completion as well.

    5343-7839-9453 is my FC. PM me if interested.
    I can help you out! I actually need to evolve my Porygon2 so it would benefit both of us! That is if it's alright with you.
    I'm sorry this VM is so long. I just had to share this.

    I personally have always perceived Role Plays as some fanfic made by a huge community effort. :p

    But thank you! It all started back in 2015 when I first took interest in RPing (because I wanted to try about everything this forum had to offer) but the FAQ, Rules, Announcements, etc scared me so much that I thought it would be impossible for me to do and the members looked intimidating because I figured one small mishap and I would be screwed. Fast forward to a year later, I saw another RP that interested me but the same thing happened. A couple of people then saw my fear and worked me through the basics. I then woke up at 5-something in the morning and decided to try what I could do in a SU. ...and then I was greeted with a heartfelt mood that made me relieve my fears and after some tweaking, I got accepted to my first RP ever: Legends Guardians!

    ...Of course I have only made a few RP posts so far and even then, I know I have a long ways to go. .__. Would you like to see my first SU ever?
    That's good to hear! Hopefully we'll all do well RPing together! I just hope I don't screw anything up considering my newbie status in the Role-Playing subforum. You don't mind if I come to you for help...if that's okay with you? .__.
    Adorable gift isn't it?

    But those eyes. That laugh. That's the definition of a strangler. I'm not sure if I should include him in the SPPf Movie 2. .__.
    Wait maybe the Ultra Beasts aren't so bad. They gifted me this in the morning!

    Btw who's the dude in your profile picture? He looks all excited to strangle me or something.
    Well I did that and some Ultra Beasts abducted me.

    Perhaps it's better I follow whatever waves take me instead. :p
    So I tried to let the wind take me like you and it just slammed me into a mountain.

    Is this normal? Or does the wind hate me? .__.
    Same. She had potential, buuuut it didn't happen. I did like how she was childhood "friends" with Link though. Hehe. And Ghirahim was one of my favorite villains in a video game.
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