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  • *sigh* Looks like some of the Amour extremist are popping up *rolls eyes*, and wars/bashing starts. I had a feeling this was coming given all the hype and promotion it received. smh.
    Fun fact: That Merry-Xmans XY picture you posted is actually done by a resident Amourshipper in our thread that pops in and out every now and then named Ash.mx(or is it mk?), but yeah you should check out his deviant art. He has a link to it in his sig. He does great work (though I don't think he has the two XY ones uploaded to that account yet). XD
    Given how close Serena and Bonnie are getting I'm kinda shocked that they haven't done the gag with her and Serena yet. Y'know Bonnie's whole "I've decided, I'lll keep you...please have my brother." I guess that might come eventually lol? Unless they just haven't because of the whole Ash/Serena thing they seems to be going for...at least for now. *evil laughter* Though, realistically I think Serena x Clemont/Clemont x Ash) has far more chances for success than Ash X Serena. lol I think im starting to irritate some people given I'm still like "dun count out Clemont or a "drew" yet guys, dun get cocky" in the amour thread lol

    Cyaneko seems to be a fan of Amour, given she already has three works out for out it. Interested to see if she's gonna do any Diode.
    It's also funny how some Amour folk seemed really bothered by Limone teasing, and nudging Clemont how cute Serena is in the beginning of the recent episode. Serena found quite amusing. XD
    I dunno something about Ash seems "cooler" this gen? It's the same feel I got from AG. Still and idiot at times, but really coot at the same time? BW seemed like he was designed to be more cute and naive?

    I think May was taller than Ash at times as was Dawn? He's usually the second tallest in most cases, so we'll see if they break the trend here. XD
    I like how Ash seems to be sort of a foundation for everyone this saga. In BW, he felt like he was the little kid that needed to be watched over in some ways.

    In other news, Serena was the tallest of the group this episode in most shots lol. So I guess she and Ash compete depending on who does the episode.
    Well a few people I've talked to irl still question on whether or not Serena actually has a crush on Ash. They, and some others I've seen, say it could be seen as a strong sense of admiration (their "idol" they respect a deal). And I suppose that's a possibility given the nature of the show. I think most people assume it's a crush, hell I'm one of them...but that's because it has alot of the "themes" of typical crush.
    Yeah I mean those terms! XD Sorry I used to have tumblr but I don't use it anymore for quite a long time now....

    Paul was indeed the best rival Ash had! (Besides Gary of course)
    *shrugs* I'll stick with it. Stuff getting hated on in this series, or stuff getting super popular don't really bother me that much anymore.

    I'm just curious to see where this ship is going to go given how one-sided it is. though we all know he isn't going to reciprocate her feelings

    tl;dr waiting and will see.
    But are you the one that really makes those awesome images on tumblr?
    If so, they're SWEEET! :D
    I also notice there's a lot of ComaShipping on your pages O_O
    Haha! It's cool I respect that...they do kinda look like a cute gay couple, I have to admit. XD
    Teehee...that was me that did those recent "anon ask" about Serena's "building up the ideal image of Ash.", and the one about Ash ingoring Serena (which lead you to do that "that is the real tradgey about amourshipping tho" post) XD

    jus being honest. :pPPPPP
    Hehe...I get a kick out of what Amourshipping seems to be doing to some of the fandom.

    It's got you, as you jokingly worded it yourself "unstable", to the point you wrote (a rather interesting) wall o' text about it. Soveryanon also wrote a similarly interesting one, about Serena being too stuck on past Ash/Amour being painfully one-sided. It's got me shipping again, and several others. I mean, I have over 200 post in a shipping thread. Really? That's pretty pathetic. Funnily enough Scott has close to 150. Some Anti-shippers are getting highly annoyed, bothered.


    I can only imagine what would happen if Paul and Cilan came back..and it saw them being blushy over Ash or some silly stuff. Paul and Cilan battling over who get's to treat Ash to his favorite food at Restaurant Le Wow or something
    If you were to judge based off the first 5-6 episodes of their respective series...which ship do you prefer? Negai or Amour? Iris' silent subtle admiration for him vs Serena's blatant "yeah, i kinda really liek this guy" display?
    It's rather amusing the contrast in girls like Misty/Iris vs someone like Dawn/Serena. I guess it's obligatory that the "experienced" girls will nearly always question everything he does/put him down, and the latter "newbie" type have nothing but praise opting to call him "amazing" or "cool" respectively.
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