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  • Yeah my favourite part of GSC was that they weren't just your standard "Do gyms, beat up [evil crime syndicate], beat Elite 4, Catch legendaries, game over." There was something to do after you had done that, even if it wasn't very fleshed out, it was still there. It also felt like a direct sequel to the original games, unlike the latter generations that they tried to make brand new and didn't do as well on in my opinion.

    I've never tried any MMO besides World of Warcraft for several years now. Everquest was my last big one, but I have heard that Maplestory is decent, just never really bothered with it. There's only enough love in me for one MMO I suppose!
    I'm not a great fan of the competitive scene, most of my videogame time is spent playing WoW, and I'm competitive enough in that as it is, so having two games to spread my competitive nature is a bit above and beyond what I'm capable of, time-allowance wise. As for the animé, I haven't watched that in years now. I'm not the biggest fan of animé overall though, which is part of the reason.

    Most of my interest in Pokémon is nostalgia related to be honest, I'm a massive fan of the first two generations of the games, and am really happy about the gold and silver remakes.

    As for the rules, it's not as bad as some people make it out to be. You just need to take the bad things here in stride because ultimately, they're going to happen and there's not much you can do but bite the bullet, which is especially true for the moderating team here. Sadly it's something that a lot of members we have still need to learn, but for the most part I think it's all good.
    I agree the focus on stats has spoiled the game a bit. The addition of items aimed specifically at improving IVs and the like just goes to show it's being focused more and more on competitive battlers. For anyone who may just want a random, one off battle for fun, they'd have to go through massive lengths to do so. Having so many things that affect a pokemon's ability in battle is overwhelming. Most RPGs don't have as many factors.
    To be perfectly honest, I haven't battled a living person since the days of PBS on Azure Heights. Since Gold and Silver came out, I've had little to no interest in competitive battling, I play pokemon now for the immersion, rather than the statistics.
    Got Shoddy.

    I hate a certain friend of mine who's in a different time zone and WE CAN'T BATTLE just because:
    1. He doesn't have Shoddy!
    2. Were in different time zones!
    I really manage to get out of most risky situations sometimes, and be able to predict what will they switch out.

    My Cresselia is stuck with a Seismic tossing Registeel and a CB Cross. I managed to win with Cresselia alone :)
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