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  • Hey Concept you're probably really tired of me PM-spamming you on the ref apps but I can't help it ;; The bonus is just too good and I really need the SPs... Yeah sorry!
    Alrighty, I understand. The damage I calc'd was about 1 and a half of a HB but I'll word it better next time!
    I used the 6/9 health/energy scale with 2x/3x supereffective scale, and I just like Naruto and I couldnt think of anything better :p

    Sorry I didnt list the scale, and Im sending this from my phone...
    Will do. Really though, that's the major roadblock in why I don't suggest details for a lot of things. I'll casually bring up the problem, sure, but I'm not about to suggest a solution that you all have probably talked to hell and back about.
    am I missing any Concepts in my reffing app? get it? Concepts? :p
    Although I do believe im missing one concept though ;.;
    Hey, Concept, don't mean to rush you or anything, but I was wondering what the situation was with my match with LeafStormFire? It's been over 2 weeks now, so I just wondered what was goin' on.
    Yo, I don't want to pester you overly much but would you be able to take a look at my newer referee application?

    Thanks in advance.
    Hey Concept, you've got your last activity blocked, so I was just checking if you were still reffing my match with Toxicity. I really don't know how long these things usually take though, so if I'm way off, lemme know.
    Great! I submitted Charmander for his sig move, Special Attack: Infernal Rage. Thank you for being nice to a newb at pasbl. People weren't like this when I was a newb to competitive Battling! Haha
    Actually, Concept, since you've been so busy recently, and since I assume Astrozombie went and disappeared from the face of the earth, I'm considering calling this match off. Do I need to get that Okay'd with you (or even him)? And is there somewhere I need to post in order to have it officially cancelled?
    No problem, I'd figured it was something last minute which didn't give you any time to post in the absences thread, so no big whoop.
    And thanks. :)
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