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  • I understand you're probably busy, and I shall apologise if I'm asking too early, but the match between Astrozombie and I still needs to be reffed. Just, you know, friendly reminder and whatnot. -dorky smile-
    Concept you have 1 day to ref the match between me and nythe match or I will get a new ref. please ref it I really like your reffings so I would hate to lose them.
    Hello just reminding you about the match you are reffing between me and Nythe.

    Thanks for picking it up by the way!
    Have a good day,
    I noticed. Thanks again! I am very active, so my squad would've come up by now, but The Riddler and Sal have to post their squads first. Sal I know posted in the trainer absence thread:

    Copy and paste from UPN, explanation for my prolonged absence:

    Put simply, life's ****. I've numerous medical conditions, and haven't even been referred to any adult medical teams, despite turning 18 almost two years ago. Social Services are (surprisingly) being entirely unhelpful and I've received absolutely no form of support for far too long. Depression is kicking in, and I just can't cope right now. Needless to say, activities requiring any form of interaction with other humans is bottom of my list right now.

    Depending on how I feel, I may return to activity (if I've got matches still going, I'll make an effort to post in each of them), but reffing is absolutely never happening for the next few months, if anyone's still waiting on that.
    I'm not sure about TheRiddler, but he/she were last on Jan. 15th, so I don't know. I'll PM both.
    Well see, I've grown up a bit. I'm less het up about the fact that some thing aren't the way I believe they should be and the fact that you LOs, for all your merits, are not doing things as well as you could be. If a decision doesn't go my way in battle, unless it's an obvious error, I'll just make a comment along the lines of "bollocks" and move on. But then I still get pissy when people question my decisions reffing wise if I think I'm right (see current UPN reffing vs current Serebii reffing) and I get incredibly annoyed in the moment when Jeri makes a deliberate effort to go against the logical way of things just because he can. After the fact, I don't give two shits, and will happily just ignore him if I feel the need, but it's still a silly thing for us to get pissy over.

    I can be on MSN if you feel the desire to continue this line of discussion.
    I choose to interpret it as irony and carry on not giving two shits. Your support is appreciated, though.
    Hi. You posted about our match queue, and you said bringing of items are not allowed. However, is it allowed to bind them with a Pokemon attack when they were called? Like, Once they're called, a Wurmple will String Shot their wrists or their waists, then attacking the Wumple or breaking the String Shot will be result to forfeit? I want to put that to attest both trainers on how their Pokemon are fully cordinated with each other.
    Hi, I wanted to ask something. I have a battle in the SPPf Ref Queue against Blazey_kun that has not been taken in a while now... Should I repost it in the SPPf queue? Or should I repost it in UPN ref queue? Or can I ask Blazey_kun to cancel the match so that I can choose another match in UPN/SPPf?
    Ok, sorry, I didn't know, I just wanted to make sure someone saw it... Sorry, next time I won't do it again ^_^
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