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Recent content by Conchobar08

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    Shiny Trading Thread

    Looking for any shinys. Offers are in my sig. Can also offer ANY legend catchable in Black 2 (though I haven't finished it yet so they may require a small wait)
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    #132 Ditto

    Looking for a non-english Ditto. Can offer any breedable. Rare offers in sig
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    #643 Reshiram

    Looking for Reshiram Offers in sig
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    Shiny Trading Thread

    Looking for shinys. Offers in sig
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    #132 Ditto

    Looking for a non-english Ditto. Can offer any breedable, rares are in my sig
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    Shiny Trading Thread

    Looking for Shineys. Rare offers are in sig I can offer ANY breedable pokemon. Am willing to offer multiple breedables for a shiny Am prepared to egg move, but I dont know how to breed for IVs etc. yet
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    If You Could Start With Any Pokemon, What Would You Choose?

    Tyrouge. Cause you don't know what it will evolve into!
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    Your horrifying pokemon moments...

    I had a copy of Pokemon Soul Silver. 120 hours in, all badges gained, all legends except Groudon had been caught, I'd even had pokemon from download events. Then it deleted itself. Turns out it had an issue with Pokeathlon, which I didn't enjoy so hadn't used!
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    Looking for Photoshop help

    Hi all I'm looking for someone who can photoshop a picture for me. My wife's birthday is next month and we have a photo of her with her $500,000 dream car. I would like to add her favourite celebrity to the photo as a gag gift. Does anyone have photoshop and the time to help? I will repay...
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    Worst Fanbases Ever

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    Is the Arcanine still avaliable? My events are in my sig.
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    Item and Pokerus Thread

    Desperatly need Fire stone, Moon stone and Dusk stone. All I need to complete dex. Will offer ANY breedable.
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    #361 Snorunt / #362 Glalie / #478 Froslass

    Need Frosslass. Do not have the evolutionary item. CAn offer ANY breedable
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    #300 Skitty / #301 Delcatty

    Need a Delcatty. It's one of the last 3 I need to complete my dex. I have Skitty, but no Moon Stone, so needs to be a Delcatty. Can offer any breedable, multiple if prefered
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    #058 Growlithe / #059 Arcanine

    I'm looking for an Arcanine. It's one of the last 3 needed to complete my dex. MUST be Arcanine, I already have Growlithe, but no Fire Stone. Can offer ANY breedable pokemon. Am prepared to trade multiple pokemon for it.