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  • Ah it's no trouble, really, I'm happy to help xD are you still online now?

    Edit - crap! I'm sorry! we keep missing each other, lol. You want to set a time tomorrow? I'll be there for sure *determined expression*
    Hi Concordia! I have your Zorua all ready to go - I can access wifi all this evening (next 6 hours) if you wanna trade. Just VM/PM me :)
    I'm sorry we couldn't complete our trade and you haven't logged on in ages so I am assuming you have decided not to visit Serebii forums anymore.
    Well first of all, I hope your exams went well/will go well. I am available now for about the next 30 minutes as then i got to get back to some revision. So if you are available, we can exchange friend codes.
    Concordia, please could you message me the times you are available to trade and ill work around you so the trade can be completed.
    Hello, just noticed you're online, are you ready to trade? Oshawott, Tepig, Rufflet for Piplup, Gothita and vullaby (males)
    Hi, I won't be available for the next five hours, unless I can get internet access from where I am going. So we will have to trade when I get back, sorry for the inconvienience.
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