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  • Are you in Dracaena? Oof. No wait you're in Mythic Dawn right? Love that guild. Well what I said may've been controversial but I don't expect all of the guilds stalking mine, so, I just said w/e after my encounter with kingofthestone.
    Truthfully I quit myself until those came around. VGC format is very different and force you to think outside the box or play HO. I find it to be very fun and its even better since there ate no tiers (besides the banned pokes) :)
    Man I'm doing ok. Since last we talk we moved the family from Ohio to Texas. Yea I know big move and just been busy with family (my sister is down here) church and work. So not doing to bad. As far as pokes is concerned ive been playing VCG format for the past almost 2 yrs. Easier to find a random battle then set a time and I dispose PO. Ive done fairly well in all the tourneys but the last one. Every hax that could happen to me did and I only got a rating of 1603. Far down from my 1720 average
    hey...the war has been stalled...could you please ask your team mates to get this done quickly?>
    Hey connor, after you finish with sinjoh connection, and we finish with CC, would you like to face AA?
    wait then.....i did not get this??
    i can not bring in a total new team....but change a pokemon or two?
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