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  • Geez, you really think so? Thanks, that means alot to me! Though I sort of wish those individuals could, if not directly punished, at least be informed that their actions can have an effect on people(Like me)...I know I can be rather intolerable at times, but thanks for seeing it from my point of view! It can get just really overwhelming for me and i'll be at a loss of what to do about it...I can't see why you get all the flak that you do, you're one of the few that go out of their way to hear folks out!

    As for our matchup...I guess i'll stick around for a little longer. I'll let RealMrGame know, too.
    Um, well. Given the recent activity on the UPN, there was something I found pretty disheartening. It took a toll on my self esteem and made me question if I even belong in such an environment. Within the ASB, I mean. I've been told to get a thicker skin about it, but...It's hard for me in this case, especially when something I generally enjoy is involved.

    With that I'm thinking of ducking out of all of my matches, it just doesn't feel right to me to keep going...
    Hello, I have a bit of a dilemma regarding Level Aquisitions:

    I neglected to fix up my squad summary so that it works in line with the recent changes, so I'm pretty sure I have pokemon i'm not supposed to have yet. But now I have the requirements to reach a Trainer Level and therefore have some pokemon anyway!

    But since I wait until now to see to it, do I still have to drop it along with its Signature(s) and acquire it again from scratch? Or can I leave it as is? I want make sure before I make any changes and do something i don't need to...
    Connor, im reffing a match that hasn't moved since july, I have permission from one battler to cancel via pm is it ok to cancel?
    Oh don't worry I appreciate your vms is allows me to know what I have to do without searching and once I'm in a rhythm I am the same way with making sure matches go fast or atleast I try to
    yes sorry just started uni and ended up working Thursday to Monday straight through, will order tomorrow since im free 9am-4pm since I work at 5:30am my time
    makes sense, If he doesn't respond to my vm about replacing kots by the weekend I plan on canceling it anyways been since the 17th and don't want it to stay clogged
    I know that now, and i'm really sorry for making such a mistake. I'll do my best to make sure that it doesn't happen again...
    things are great, i'm 3 semesters out from finishing my b.s in chemical engineering and pretty much just ****in around with friends in my down time. seems like you're always league official of something -- there was femmes website? i think where you were like a gym leader, the osl where you were a gym leader... surely other things lol! i miss those days, what i'd give to be 16 and spending all my time on xat. good to hear about your uni too.
    finally i can post here and complete the stalking vm posts. long time indeed old friend. hope you're doing well, looks like you're still participating in ASB! you're in uni now right? actually maybe you were starting during mythic dawn days, i can't remember. hope that's going well.
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