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Conquer Phoenix

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  • I hear ya man lol

    I'm going to get to start shadowing my old art teacher and subbing some at my old grade schools, so that'll be interesting.

    I made you a new ub because I misspelled your name on the last one lol:O

    Also, we are going to be needing a banner for the CCAT..it's going to be in NU in case that gives you any inspiration.
    Think you can have this banner by tomorrow?

    Last thing, on the art post, you are missing an HTML tag on your post:)
    Click on the final spoiler and you'll see what I mean:]
    What are your aspirations for life?

    Me? I think I'd sit on a desert island all day, minding my own business.
    I feel like a wise old sage today. I've been hit by a realisation of how meaningless life is. We're just living on a rock speeding through emptiness. And what happens once you're dead? You're floating in nothingness, staring at a blank space for the rest of eternity. It's such a painful, torturous existence as well, it doesn't justify being born. I wouldn't wish this on anyone. Living... this is not living. I don't feel alive.

    Otherwise, I'm doing reasonably okay, just fighting my way through Area 10 of Black Tower. How about you, are you in a clan now?
    The First Round Of Rainbow Tournament Has Started Get Your Battle Done With A Week. Round One Will Last A Week. Also I Have Linked Everybody Profile That Can Be Found The Main Post.

    um...alright If you FEEL like doing that then cool but don't worry about it man, Really I'll just use the current banner then. Thanks :)
    I should be available anytime before 10PM (GMT+1).

    You know where you can find me or you can PM me back if you want to do it on Showdown
    Yessss bro u made it, I saw Ice's banner. Remove the "BAE" in bottom right corner lol. You made the banner.
    Well if I am able to get a PS4 I'll be getting Assassin's Creed Black Flag and Knack for now, and Destiny for sure.
    I was hoping you'd say 'i've quit pokes and my life is so much better for it', but whatever. I presume you'll be converting to Sony by the end of the year?
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