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Conquering Storm
Last Activity:
Feb 1, 2019
Aug 12, 2016
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Conquering Storm

Driver of the Aegis, from Leftheria

Conquering Storm was last seen:
Feb 1, 2019
    1. octoboy
      What song is this from?
      I'm falling free in the wind, in the wind
      Free to be me in the wind, in the wind
      1. Conquering Storm
        Conquering Storm
        It's from "Free", which is the theme song of Sonic Free Riders. Sorry, could've sworn I put that in my post.
        Sep 6, 2018
    2. Earth Wolf-Howl
      Earth Wolf-Howl
      Neat! Nia is pretty great, yes. I'm glad you've been enjoying them so far, though.
    3. Earth Wolf-Howl
      Earth Wolf-Howl
      Thanks for understanding. Life just gets overwhelming sometimes...

      Nice, though! Yeah, BotW's pretty great, so I can understand by you've focused on that. How far into them are you? D&D sounds like fun, too, even if I could never understand it. Hope you're enjoying it.
    4. Earth Wolf-Howl
      Earth Wolf-Howl
      Hi, same to you! I'm really sorry I didn't reply before now- school life's been taking up so much time, and when I've been off, I've forgotten to check back. But hey, it's okay.

      Things haven't been too bad, thanks. Tiring thanks to school, but still alright. Been playing a lot of Stardew Valley in my spare time. How about you?
    5. Earth Wolf-Howl
      Earth Wolf-Howl
      Glad to hear things are going well for you! If I may ask, what was it like, going from one to another? But I know, right? I can't wait to see how the story goes there! And how much it's like the last. I'd love to see some callbacks.
    6. Earth Wolf-Howl
      Earth Wolf-Howl
      Yep. So it'll be easy enough to carve one for them.

      Neat! I've heard it's supposed to be really good. (I suppose in a situation like this, the Cube's basically the only thing you can trust. But I can't blame you- those turrets are adorable!)

      A fair bit, really. I've been playing a lot of Stardew Valley, and really loving it. It calms me down after a long day. Aside from that, I've just been doing uni stuff and doing NaNoWriMo. We also got a dog, so I've been trying to keep up with him. How about you? Much else going on with you?
    7. Earth Wolf-Howl
      Earth Wolf-Howl
      Thanks! As do I.

      Aw, that was really nice of her! Ah, well, at least the costume turned out excellently, right? Better than doing nothing at all. But yeah, forgetting something like that's pretty sad once you realise...

      So I'm curious. Played anything interesting lately?
    8. Earth Wolf-Howl
      Earth Wolf-Howl
      Sorry for vanishing. Life's been stressful.

      Hopefully the rest of it went okay?
    9. Earth Wolf-Howl
      Earth Wolf-Howl

      Unfortunately, no. How about you?
    10. Earth Wolf-Howl
      Earth Wolf-Howl
      Sorry I didn't reply. Was busy.

      But yes, they did, I'd say! I actually kind of read the name of Percival/Blaze's sword wrong at first, admittedly- actually read it as 'Leviathan'. That would have been ironic. But no, it actually fits, thankfully.
    11. Earth Wolf-Howl
      Earth Wolf-Howl
      Good to hear!

      I haven't kept up with Forces news, unfortunately, but I still am interested. But yeah, it definitely will be!
    12. Earth Wolf-Howl
      Earth Wolf-Howl
      Welcome back! It's okay, hopefully you enjoyed that time off. I've been pretty good, thank you. How about you?
    13. Earth Wolf-Howl
      Earth Wolf-Howl
      Unfortunately, I won't be able to trade from now, sorry. Already got my DS packed. I'll be gone from Tuesday until September 7th. Talk to you soon!
    14. Earth Wolf-Howl
      Earth Wolf-Howl
      Mine, too, actually.

      I'll check it out if I can find it. Thanks for letting me know it's there!

      Next time I have an opportunity, sure thing! I'm free pretty much all week, though I'd advise not looking for me around 3-5:30pm BST. I go out around then on most days, so I likely won't be around then. Just let me know when a good time is for you and I'll happily help out!

      (If I can figure out how to trade on Sun, that is. I'm still not entirely clear on it.)
    15. Earth Wolf-Howl
      Earth Wolf-Howl
      It flew right over my head, admittedly. I guess I'll have to go back and take a look, then.

      Agreed! The Werehog might have been controversial, but the daytime stages were undeniably excellent. I'm sure if Forces' were like Unleashed's, they'll be amazing.

      I'm afraid I didn't, sorry. I'll have to keep an eye out for it.
    16. Earth Wolf-Howl
      Earth Wolf-Howl
      Thanks! I'm hoping I'll like it, too.

      Yeah, I kind of have to agree. It can get a bit cheesy in places, too, but as far as I'm concerned, that's part of its appeal. Plus it's a good game, despite that (aside from, you know, Security Hall), what with solid level designs and controls.

      Nice! Definitely fits, I think.
    17. Earth Wolf-Howl
      Earth Wolf-Howl
      Thanks! You should probably know, I won't be on for a couple of weeks from the 22nd. My mother and I are going over to Canada. I'll respond when I get back, though!

      That's a pretty good point. It wouldn't be surprising if Sega took some cues from SA2, seeing as it was once one of the most popular in the series. (Though stupidly enough, people seem to have really changed their opinion on it. It's really quite frustrating. :/) After all, Shadow's characterisation is often praised in it.

      Congrats! It's a fantastic shiny. What did you call her?
    18. Earth Wolf-Howl
      Earth Wolf-Howl
      Sorry for vanishing.

      Yeah, I agree. I wonder what his story will be.
    19. Earth Wolf-Howl
      Earth Wolf-Howl
      I don't think I have, sorry, unless that was the one about Infinite.
    20. Earth Wolf-Howl
      Earth Wolf-Howl
      Agreed. It's really a shame.

      Quite all right!
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